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Discussion in 'General' started by O/-/-ni, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. last night i was hit by the reality that i am most likely going to loose my mother to cancer before the year is over and in turn loose my sister to suicide (like my father) after my mother dies leaving me alone in this world im just so scared and hurt so deeply inside and have no one to turn to in a situation like this:(
  2. Wow man I really dont know what to say to this...If theres anything I can do lemme know.
  3. I know it's hard but try to put yourself in their shoes. Knowing you are going to die soon is probaly surreal. Often people find hope in salvation. I don't know your background but if you want to help give them peace of mind you should introduce or reintroduce religion. If you need help or advice i would be honored to help you out bro. You'd be amazed at how much more people are receptive to things like religion when death is near. You should try, what's the worst that will happen? Get saved, have peace of mind, be happy?? But i do know what your going through, just be strong and be as positive as possible.
  4. thanks shouse i have fallen away from religion i would like to get it back. sadly im not the one dieing of cancer it is my mother and i wish it was me so much so she wouldnt have to go through so much suffer as she does with her illnes
  5. I would just suggest spending alot of time with them.. and convincing your sister not to kill herself, lol :/
  6. Dude, suicide is so not the way to go. Permanent solution for temporarry problems. What the hell has this world come too? Well, im sorry to hear about your mom, but bro...she knows yah loved her. She knows you cared...so i assume shes happy, so you shouldnt be feeling any guilt or anything like that. I'm so frickin stoned right now, but if yah want me to, ill smoke another bowl for you!!
  7. I'd focus on spending time with your mother and getting your sister some serious help. Actually my father committed suicide when I was 10, so I know the feeling. Get your sister some help. Get your sister some help. I don't care if it's through tough love, whatever you can do. Take action now, otherwise you'll wish you would have later.

    Good luck. Life isn't always sunshine, that's for damn sure.
  8. Wow, hang in there, this is some tough stuff to go through. My advice is quite similar to the above...spend as much time with your mom as you can, ask her about her life, find out all the things you don't know. Try to keep your sister involved and if you can, get her into some sort of counseling. Maybe offer to go with her, it sounds like you guys have already been through a lot and even though you're doing well, they can still offer the both of you positive ways to cope with your situation. My heart aches for you, i can only imagine how painful this must be. Please pm me if you ever need anything.
  9. i was in the same boat only i was nine i have tried to urge my sister to go to a counsling but she never opens up to them and she holds all her feelings inside. thank you everyone for your responses :) i just needed to tell someone i suppose il just keep looking to the future like always
  10. man thats a fucking bummer. i know when you read these words it will seem so empty...

    but you are never alone... and don't ever lose hope bro.

    theres a reason for everything. find it.

    if you ever need anything, my aim is wedreamtosee
  11. Know that however unatural and untimley somebodies death is, it is a natural part of being human, succumbing to mortality.

    Death is what makes life worth living.
  12. I don't think I could ever say it so perfectly. Good luck to you and your sister man. My heart goes out to you. I am really so sorry to hear about your Mom (and your Father).
  13. my dad died when i was 10 aswell of heart attack. The only thing i can tell you that will actually mean something is what dosent kill you makes you stronger.
  14. Only when handled correctly, otherwise it'll run you to the ground. :(

    O/\/\ni can you be your sisters release? Do you talk with her? I know it isn't easy to talk with people about troubles, esp. relatives, but you need to try. It might be hard for you, but not having your sister around will be worse.
  15. First off I am very sorry to here this news. I lost my grandfather to bone cancer(2003), and it was one of the worst things I had to endure in the almost 26 years I've been alive. I took care of him all the to the end and found him dead on Valentines day. I know how this hurts and I know you feel helpless, I hope that you can find a way tough this tough time, and keep your sister from doing something terrible. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers my firend. I do not know you or your situation, but if you need anything, as stated by the others we r here for you and want to help if we can. Much Love........ JOE>
  16. if and when my mom passes it will be me and my sister living togather most likely. out of 8 realtives the only one i could turn to is my grandmother. all of your replies were so moving and touching and are helping me look at the brighter side of the situation even if it is so small. she has already gone through chemo once for non hopkins t cell. thank you all for those who are praying for her it means the world to me

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