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Hit by a car

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaguy420, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. shit, yesterday afternoon my friend was sitting in his car down at the bottom of my street, and i started running at him with a snow ball about half a block up and he dropped it into drive and gunned it, trying to make me swerve which i would've but he flew towards me and i didnt have any time to react, and he hit me dead center and flipped me over his car....
    i woke up in the street behind his car, bleeding, shaking, it totally sucked...

    now my right leg barely works, but i didnt tell any parental figures since i dont want to get my friend in trouble, and i dont have the money for the hospital...

    good news though... this morning i regained feeling to my right hand, and my leg looks like shit.... its all swollen and black and blue and road rashed, and a narly think is his chevy emblem on the grill of his car is bruised into my leg...
    totally narly...

    i saw his car later that night, and his hood is dented, and his grill is half gone, and i would've blazed but i wasnt in the mood, which is the first time... ever
  2. man i would have been so unbelievably pissed, i mean what the fuck this dude is your friend, what kind of friend hits you like that with a car, he could have broken something or killed you. it is a good thing you went over instead of under.
  3. yea...really
  4. I'm glad you're ok...but you really should go to the hospital
  5. Yeah man -- a trip to the emergency room might be a good idea. You never know if you have any internal injuries. Sorry about your accident...
  6. You do need to go to the doctor at least.

    With most unjuries the bad effects don't show up for a couple days.

    # 2 as a parent I know that when injured kids don't get the care they need in a accident, the parents are held responcible for the injuries.

    Tell your parents that you slid into the car. Don't wait arround and regret doing something.
  7. yeah i know what ya mean about the hospital thing, i got medical and dental coverage at work, but still its not full coverage, that shit gets expensive, and yeah i hope u recover soon, i know all to well how that goes
  8. yo... you need to get yourself to the ER. you mighta messed somethin' up internally, which would be no good.
  9. As with everyone else, get off the 'puter and go get some medical attention! And tell your friend there's no future in being a dumbass!
  10. i threw a stick in the spokes of my friends bike one time

    boy did he fly.

    now THATS the best laugh ive had all week

    everybodies so serious..YOUR GONNA DIE!! GO TO THE ER!!

    critters just in the corner turnin red in the face..hittin the bong of course hahahah

    pour some robitussin on it.
  12. [​IMG]BUT ,my first reaction was to laugh my ass offf.GO TO HOSPITAL IF YA NOT WELL FRIEND.[​IMG]
  13. ok ok..

    laughing, all red faced in the corner.. hitting the bong of course..and now i see takin a swig..

    HAHA..that lil cartoon was FARKING great.
  14. Critter you have a miley for everything. Those are cool.

    My first thought was to laugh about him being a dumbass by not going to the hospital.

    Second thought was he IS a dumbass and someone needs to tell him what to do!
  15. HIGH All, so have you taken some of the Bladies and Blades advice about what to do? Your in there right now??? Come on man don't leaf us hanging around wondering "Did he" or "Didn't he".
  16. perhaps he took our advise went to the hospital and no longer has access to the net.

  17. LMFAO!!!!!
  18. *concerned*

    i wonder if hes allright:S
  19. yea dood go to the hospital, or a minor emergency place
  20. has he posted since this incident?

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