Hit a dab and fucked and dick hurt all night

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  1. Hit a dab for the first time and had sex with my girlfriend/kinda fiance, and about 5 minutes afterwards, my dick randomly hurt like hell and mainly felt like I had to pee really bad but I couldn't. This USED to happen when I drank more than a 12 pack or so and got off, whether it be sex, head or hand it didn't matter if I drank more than 12 beers my penis was off limit seriously. I read online that this happened to 1 out of 5 guys and was pretty common. It has never happened with pot. I'm a VERY experienced smoker, and I've smoked a lot of hash, but no dabs before it was a fucking blast at first. Used fire and ice condoms and went at it and we finished together in some magical crazy bliss. It was great. But about 5 minutes later it was like a switch flipped in my pants and i was in agony, the pain subsided within 30 minutes or so, which is significantly shorter than with alcohol . If it helps to diagnose what could be the problem, my dick was kinda strangely larger than normal, maybe i was just really stoned, and blood vessels could be open more, but I'm normally a solid 7-7.5 but last night my girl was shocked, I was a solid 8 inches of throbbing thc fuck power. I also know my girlfriend has no diseases and neither do I. Me and this girl have the best sex life I've had with any other female, we are really comfortable with each other. She was comforting me all night when my dick felt like it was passing a boulder sized kidney stone. But she's really worried as am I. Any ideas? UTI maybe? We do have unprotected sex and anal ocaisionally. Please don't be judgemental, I'm seriously worried about my penis. Thanks guys

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    I know if i have to pee at all and have extended periods of stimulation or long periods of sex it will hurt after and ache for awhile. Kinda like really bad blue balls but it'll go away. Same thing will happen if i stay aroused a long time and keep denying orgasm it'll hurt after. Best thing is to empty your bladder before fun and if necessary do it inbetween positions or sessions ya know. That shit fucking hurts!
  3. Go to the doc?
  4. Your dick is going through growing pains son
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    That's happend to me many times, once after sex while on Molly. I'm not 100% sure what it is but my theory is that you didn't get all the cum out and some still in your dick towards the head of your dick. Atleast that's what it feels like for me, Just got to wait it out. I feel you tho, it hurts so fucking bad

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