Hit a bong and talked to a cop 30 secs later!

Discussion in 'General' started by together, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Holy fuckin shit! I'm freakin out right now.

    My car was broken into earlier tonight, and there's still shaddered glass all over the road and my window looks like shit. So about 20 mins ago i decided to blaze a fat bowl of beaster out of my 2 footer. I was so mad that i just wanted to get blitzed fast, and it was only beaster so i said "fuck "it, lit the bowl to hell and took it all in one hit. I was coughing my ass off, so my eyes got really red..you know when you can feel them burning almost? Haha yea, that's what i felt..so theres no doubt. well, i light up a cigarette and im so blazed that i decide to go clean out my car a little bit. What a terrible idea haha....RIGHT as im cleaning my car out, a cop rides by to see whats going on..he must have seen the glass still on the road and figured that maybe i was the one who did it. I have my bud in my pocket and my eyes are bloodshot..my heart started racing so fucking quick, and i couldnt keep my cigarette steady for the life of me. He ended up being pretty cool, but i KNOW he knew hahah he even took his flashlight and looked around my car like he was trying to find something incriminating just sitting out in plainview. I also said "man" about 50 times and my hands were super sweaty when i shook his, it was hilarious.

    Sorry for the lack of structure of this story..PEACE..props if you read it all
  2. That's too bad about your car, man. Did they make off with anything valuable?

    You gotta feel good that the cop didn't try to kick you when you were down by trying to bust you as well if it was as obvious as you make it sound :smoking: Good luck with your situation.
  3. believe it or not, alot of cops are cool peeps.

    and that sucks about your car, I luckily haven't ever had any of my vehicles broken into yet, let's hope it stays that way.

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