Hit 100 post!!

Discussion in 'General' started by JollyGreenToker, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. So today I finally hit 100 post and it feels so great to feel like part of a community!! I love this city and cant wait to continue learning and helping newbies out on this forum! Hope everyone is having a good night! :gc_rocks:
  2. congrats
  3. Thanks man I know it doesnt sound like much but its a milestone to me haha
  4. the first 5 months of being a member on here i think i only had 5 posts. when i reached 100 it felt like a small milestone.. but then you look at the members with thousands of posts, and that 100 is pretty measily
  5. well..you have a while..it took me 5 years..of posting maybe once a day..sometimes 10 times a day..

    never have left it though...cept when i went on long trips
  6. Glad you're happy to be here :)

    Its not about post count really, we all could say nothing in every thread but where would that get us?

    Glad to see you take time with your posts...here's to the next milestone of 1,000 :) You'll be there before you know it
  7. Ill be a 1,000 soon, im at 600 something now i think
  8. i don't even know what i'm at right now, lol

    edit: 277.. yayyy
  9. Congrats... I guess..
  10. guess this guy peeped the 200 post thread and thought this would be a good idea

  11. anyone play fable 2?

  12. trying to one up him by making a 100 post thread

    because in the 200 post thread most people credited him for originality or figured he must of been the lowest "___ post"
  13. Thanks everyone for the positive comments and not sure what perez is talking about but oh well have a good week grasscity!
  14. Ooooohwa ooooohwa!

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