History of the City?

Discussion in 'General' started by infiniteawesome, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Hey, I've been here for . . . well, a little over nine or ten months now, and I was just wondering what's the history behind grasscity? Was it first a shop? How long has it been around? Who are the people behind the city? (for this one, feel free not to answer for purposes of incrimination, but it wouldn't be bad to know a little bit about how the mods found this place . . . or in some cases, possibly founded this place?) Etc. etc.

    Let me know if you don't mind, it'd just be nice. :)
  2. I'd also like to lknow this, c'mon vets help us out.

  3. yea im also interested
  4. im by no means any expert, i lurked before registering.

    but for as long as i can remeber it has been an online headshop/forum.

    And for as long as i can remember its been the most pleasent forum around.

    the old fart stoners started it all..
  5. I bet it was just more intelligent in the past.

  6. intelligence and maturity go hand in hand..
  7. Yeah , but maturity and age arent always hand in hand.
  8. It was a Shop first and it hasn't always been Grasscity. It was Coffeeshop-Amsterdam first. SuperJoint founded it based on a vision that he had. He is the sole founder.
    You need to click on the profiles of the Admins, Super Mods and Mods to learn how long we've all been here. I, for one, have been here since February of 2001. I consider SJ to be like a brother to me, no doubt.
  9. Yep, what Rummy said. Except I've been here since April of 2002. I consider SJ a very close friend too, and think of him like a brother as well. I look forward to the day I get over to that side of the pond and am able to share a jay and some laughs with him. He's a cool guy.

    I became a Mod probably somewhere about a year into my membership, a Supermod probably around 6 months after that, and have been an Admin since Oct 04.

    I'm member # 2244, and if you think that's low..... LOL. Rummy is member # 113 and Unoit is actually member # 12! ;)

    Edit: If I remember correctly, the City went live in 2001.
  10. well i took RMJL advice and looked in your profiles, not only is Indy in the same state, but your b-day is 5 days after mine..... that's just, crazy...?

    i think it'd be cool to do a timeline of the city, records and such...

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