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    I'm a massive nerd when it comes to History, so naturally I tend to watch a lot of period TV shows. My favorite one so far is HBO's Rome but either Spartacus or The Borgias come in a close second.
    Does anybody else share this craving for historical shows and if you do what other shows do you recommend?
    I just started the other show about The Borgias simply called 'Borgias' and I'm going to start watching the BBC's' Devils Whore' too, and 'The Musketeer' when it starts also on BBC this month, so i'm pretty satisfied at the moment but if anybody knows any other good ones post 'em up in here. If anyone else has seen any of the shows I mentioned i'd love to talk about those too!
    Actually let's talk films too. I saw 'Alexander' the other day and thought it was pretty cool, 'Troy' too, although Brad Pitts character was pretty boring. And the new 300 movie looks like it's gonna kick ass, especially with the fine ass Queen Cerci from GoT in it.

  2. vikings dude.
    its a great show and second season is coming up.
  3. The European TV show "Borgia" is superior to the Showtime series "The Borgias." The main complaint I have against the European production is the international cast they put together and their accents don't work well. Other than that the acting is superior and the story is much more historically accurate. It is a shame they did not have the big budget of the Showtime series.
    I think Jeremy Irons is usually an A+ actor but his Rodrigo Borgia was not well done. John Doman portrays an excellent Rodrigo, but his thick American accent is hard to accept at times.
  4. Hell On Wheels on AMC. It's a great show!
  5. yeah the commercials they've been running for the show make me want to watch it.
  6. I've always only watched history channel and shit ...my girl gets mad but I don't know it's interesting to me.. all of it..
    I live in south carolina around tons of old rice plantaions...probably why i'm into history.

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