Historic Munchie Suprise!

Discussion in 'General' started by happytrails420, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. After a nice sesh after school i went to buy munchies and little did i kno that trip would change my life!

    After tearing through most of my munchies i decided to eat some beef jerky i bought and eventually pulled out a piece that reminded me of something?! Our first fucking president!

    If you have an imagination and look closely u can see how this seemingly ordinary piece of beef jerky looks like George Washington from the left side!

    2011-11-23 13.12.08-1.jpg

    You can see the lips the nose the eye and the hair with the pony tail! As you might imagine it blew my mind!

    So what did i do? Took another rip and ate Mr Washingtons head!

  2. dude you coulda sold that on ebay. lol
  3. [quote name='"lil_poot"']dude you coulda sold that on ebay. lol[/quote]

    Hah Ik, right in time for thanks giving!

    "this thanksgiving im grateful for my George Washington jerky" Lmao
  4. Feel free to move this thread to another area were it will get viewed more, more stoners minds must be blown!! :bongin:

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