Hisi Glass pickup!!! Loving it

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  1. Just picked this bad boy up a couple of days ago from a random guy at my dealers house and it came with a whole oil dome setup too and I'm loving it. Hisi 7-hole Bowl.JPG

    Hisi Milk 2.JPG

    Bell Perc.jpg

    Hisi Tube.jpg

    Hisi Edited.JPG
  2. Looks like a solid pickup! How much did it run you?
  3. Same HiSi tube as me just a different perc, looks great bro
  4. thats a funky looking bowl:smoking:
  5. That bell perc sure looks like it shits on my triple u perc.
  6. looks solid
  7. Do all hi si's have "4" and "20" etched in them?  Mine does not have the numbers, so I wonder if it is a fake
  8. Do a quick clean with alcohol and salt to make sure you clean whatever stuff that guy may have had in his bong haha
    Enjoy it man, looks nice!  :bongin:
    Yes, I have a HiSi and have seen quite a few of the company's bongs. I have yet to see a real HiSi without the brand logo numbers. 
    Congrats on your bong OP, HiSi bongs are just awesome- im smoking out of mine right now! 
  10. hope it's not a fake.  Either way, it hits soooooo nice

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