HiSi glass.. Opinions?

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  1. Just saw this glass after a friend pointed me to their site, these things look pretty damn cool. I'm liking the more straight edges on the beakers ..Anyone got any info on these?

    EDIT: Too high and forgot the link lol... http://www.hisi-glass.com/
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    Yeah Hisi makes some quality stuff. I have the 16 inch no perc Beaker. Got it for 85 dollars.

    Only thing to be careful about: The honeycomb downstem that comes with them; It functions very well but is also very fragile (I broke mine by aciident when i pulled it out of the piece.)

    Ive also ripped the percolated pieces. Very little drag, and really light smoke..You can pull forever.
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    It's quality Cali blown glass, you can't go wrong with a HiSi. I just picked up a Hex beaker with no perc today myself and I love it, payed a lil more then I would have liked to but it was a good pick up either way. Ammarhio got one for a steal at 85! All the ones I've seen in my area are at least 100-110. yfrog.com/gyn0aifj
  4. HiSi is lowend of high end glass if that makes sense.

    Ive owned a few pieces of HiSi and its what got me into high end glass. Now that im more into it I realize HiSi is nowhere near some other companies but none the less its great glass and pretty decent price for what you get.

  5. LOL if you dont recommend hisi then what DO you recommend?
  6. Mobius Glassworks i have a hisi double u perk but my friend has a mobius and its easier to pull and smoothest hits
  7. gallery and go to picture 5, id buy that
  8. I bought my mom a HiSi and I own a Medicali. Both are very similar an great products. Very thick medical glass.
  9. Just broke mine a few hours ago, miss it a shit ton already. I'd say pick one up
    I've had a hisi and my best friend has a mobius, mobius is amazing and is obviously better than HiSi, but not really worth the money. My friend bought her mobius with a matrix perc for 430 and I have a hisi with a perc for around 150-180.. Its clear what your choice should be. HiSi's are absolutely the best glass you can get for the money! :D

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