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    I went into my local head shop yesterday and ended up getting a hexagonal bottom HiSi piece, I would say its about 15 inches and it has a really nice can. I also got a honeycomb ashcatcher to have with it because frankly I dont like my other ashcatchers, they both cant keep good water levels (you would think pyrex glass would know their shit). Anyways the piece was 300$ and the ashcatcher was 150$ but I ended up getting everything for 250$ so it was an awesome deal. 
    I just wanted to hear what you guys think about HiSi as a brand in general and if you own one or whatever.  Heres a pic of the new piece! its already needing a cleaning.


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  2. I'd say HiSi is in the lower mid-range- better than Weed Star but lower than Zob and other similarly priced bongs. The price they gave you originally is kinda laughable- those tubes are normally closer to $200 and you can get a Toro ashcatcher for $150. Even though I would've chosen differently, I don't think you got robbed or anything.
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     HiSi is lower mid range? Worse than Zob....I dont think so. Better than weed star of course because weed star is a piece of shit. Everywhere I have seen ZOB they have been cheaper than HiSi and I have always known ZOB as a normal quality company, comparable to MAV glass, but not as good as HiSi...HiSi has really good and unique perc systems that they have invented such as the U-perc (and that signature stem) which are all made to perfection and identical, while ZOB makes cirq and showerheads like everyone else and sometimes has them crooked..... for I have seen it with my own eyes  :hide:
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  4. It's a geyser perc, not a honeycomb. Nice piece btw.

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  5. damn, I haven't seen HiSi ever since I made that trip up to San Fran. I had their straight tube and I can say that they make some decent glass. Wouldn't say high end but mid range for those who want good sturdy glass but don't want to spend a fortune on it. 
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    You did not get an awesome deal. If i tell you the original price of an apple is $500 but then i sell it to you for $1 would you say it's a good deal? 

    The idea of that ash catcher going for anywhere near $150 is sickening. 
    My dude something that is priced at 400-450$ that you get for 250$ is an awesome deal. This shit is priced high because I live in NYC and as anything on this island its overpriced. I have the luck to know the owner and many regular customers so I get ridiculous discounts. This may not be this price where you live but compare it to getting a 100$ ashcacher for free. Thats a fucking deal wouldnt you say? I mean I got the ashcatcher for free and the piece for 15% off.
  8. You don't know the geyser perc...
    It looks like its just a slitted downstem but look close, or better yet look up a video of the geyser perc. Decent stackage to say the least.
    Thank you sir, the geyser perc is the best ashcatcher I have ever had the design is flawless and the amount of water needed is incredible. The water level sits and stays about half a millimeter over the perc and that is all the water it needs to stack. 
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    I like HiSi. My LHS has a pretty large selection of their gear and I've considered dropping some money on one of the larger scientific tubes because they do have cool designs. Yours is unique, I haven't seen one like that at my LHS. They pull real nice though, and are thick. They aren't "lower-mid range", more like mid range consumer glass that is of very good quality. Their larger pieces retail >$400, my LHS has quite a few in the $300-500 range and they are nice in person.
  11. You missed my point. I was trying to say just because someone says the bong is worth 500 then sells it to you for 150 doesn't mean it was actually worth 500. It's a marketing scheme, make the person feel like they're getting a good deal when they're not. 

    I just don't think that glass as worth anywhere near what the original price was.
  12.  Its not worth the original price, obviously I would not be copping HiSi and a perc for 450$. That has nothing to do with it being a deal or not man. Im saying its a deal because if any other person would have gone in there they would have ended up dropping 450$ on something that for me was 250$. I know this because I have seen them sell glass to other ppl and they sell it to them for what the sticker says (HiSi said 399$). Its not a marketing scheme because only 10-15 ppl in the city get those prices there. If they lowered and bargained the price for everyone then I would agree with you, but its just not the case.
  13. ....and $250 for BOTH of those pieces is a good price.
    Its a great price man, thank you! always good to get compliments from famous actors  :yay:
    you'd be surprised (or maybe not) how many 'famous' actors are stoners, and also glass collectors :metal:
  16. If theres people paying the sticker than they are getting ripped off. You were spared being ripped off, but not given a deal. 
  17. My bad dude. When you said general thoughts and asked what we thought about the brand in general, I thought you were asking for our opinions.
  18. He comes in asking for opinions, gets them, and then gets angry. 
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    Bro again I live in NYC so everything here is more expensive. Glass, houses, papes, lighters, nails. Everything costs more. Secondly that tube is at least 200$ no matter where you get it unless your in a med state maybe and that ashcatcher is certainly over 50$ in most places.
    Thanks for your input man, I just disagreed on something so I said it. This forum is to discuss things, im not angry at anyone. 
  20. Lmao. You're just a cheap ass. Not willing to pay for quality. I realize this is an old thread but I had to say something.

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