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  1. not sure why, but they piss me off. they claim to be different, original, and refuse to any conformity. i know a hipster when i see one. what do you guys think?
  2. i agree very much so. easy to spot and easy to hate. fuck umm!
  3. labels are too cool
  4. I still don't really know what a hipster is.
  5. [quote name='"bahookahjoe18"']I still don't really know what a hipster is.[/quote]

    They buy vintage clothes and shop at thrift stores. Scoff at everyonr cuz they are 'comformist' which is ironic cuz all hipsters dress te same. And they buy 800dollar bikes with one gear called fixies. Aka theyre stupid as fuck.
  6. would a hipster be kinda like an art student?
    1. take off the jeans that are fit for an 8 year old and wear adult pants
    2. your thrift-store shirt is fucking stupid
    3. your smug, vegan-style attitude pisses me off so fuck you
    4. your nerdy, black-framed glasses do not make you look hip or smart so fuck you again

  7. lolol I shop at thrift stores and call people out for being sheep, but I don't buy $800 bikes; I shop at thrift stores because I'm broke :)
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  8. Just for the record;
    1.) I have always enjoyed vintage clothing
    2.) I have always collected vinyls
    3.) I owned black ray bans in 10th grade (Junior in college now)
    4.) Bikes are cool
    5.) Pabst Sucks
    6.) American spirits are death
    7.) Being a vegan is an insult to Homo sapiens.
  9. [quote name='"bahookahjoe18"']

    lolol I shop at thrift stores and call people out for being sheep, but I don't buy $800 bikes; I shop at thrift stores because I'm broke :)[/quote]

    Yea i have nothig against thrift stores, hipsters r just smug about it. Its annyoing.

    Fuck the ipod has the worst keyboard.
  10. I just, don't give a fuck.
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  11. hipsters act smug about shopping in thrift stores? lol
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  12. This. Ive always bought cheap clothes since high school and collected vinyls and shit. Bikes/boards have always been the better way to get around where I live. But pbr is good and cheap... so...

    I dont care if you call me a hipster i'm just gonna keep doin what I do. Guess all these kids couldnt keep up with us 5 years ago... :cool:
  13. yes, hipsters minds are so convoluted, that they believe they are cool for shopping in thrift shops
  14. Well shit, all this time I could have been part of the In crowd...
  15. "If you want to be one of the nonconformists all you have to do is dress just like us and listen to the same music we do" -South Park
  16. i was a nonconformist before being a nonconformist was cool

    i was even cool before cool was cool to be cool.
  17. Put up some videos of people eating it on fixies
  18. I ride fixed gear, nothing wrong with it.
  19. [quote name='"Splickity Splee"']I ride fixed gear, nothing wrong with it.[/quote]

    Why would you ever ride a fixie when you can get a multi gear for cheaper? That's dumb, and as a punk, I beat the shit out of fixie riders, and they don't do shit cause they're pants are too tight to do anything in.
  20. Hipster master race reporting in

    Keep on hating haters, we all know you're just jealous because you're not as popular us us.

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