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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YourPerception, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. That word gets tossed around a lot nowadays. What is your definition of a hipster? Are you a hipster?

    I have met a lot of down-to-earth, chill, fun "hipsters". I think a lot of people associate your dress with being a hipster, but I think it has more to do with your state of mind, way of living, etc.

    And P.S.- No, I don't give a fuck about stereotypes of people. I have smoked with alll kinds of people, and I love it that way. I was just wanting to know your opinion of this hipster term.
  2. I work at an old folks home as a janitor...Hipster is what they wear for boxer shorts.:cool:
  3. Well, I had this roommate this past year... He used to not be the year before. He would dress very casually, some shorts and a t shirt would be what he usually wore. His hair was particularly long. He was what you would could have probably called a "Lax Bro", " The summer of 2010, he then started to wear cuffed shorts, Sperry's, jean jackets, cut his hair, the works. He also started to go on numerous obscure websites about beards, Wes Anderson movies, and other nonmainstream media. He also started to listen to a lot of indie bands. He then started to label things that were too mainstream as not good.

    I'm no expert, so I can't say if my friend transmorphed into a hipster last summer or not. But it was a really sudden change of personality and interests for such a short time period...
  4. Hipster is something that by its very nature can't be defined. The best way I've seen them described is as "consumers of cool". Whereas other sub cultures produce trends and things that are cool to people who are part of the sub culture hipsters just take 'cool' from other sub cultures and consume it then move on. A culture of trends, but they would never admit that because they hate trends... But they aren't really a culture because they don't produce anything so it's more of a group of people who all like to be really cool, but end up being uncool by trying too hard to be cool and then pretend that it's ironic and....I dunno I'm not a sociologist...

    That being said I just use it synonymously with Indie and feel I get it mostly right...
  5. They try to be cool by trying not to be cool.
  6. ^probably best definition
  7. So what is cool? I know a lot of stoners that could be put into the category of being a hipster that are in their 20's, 30's and have a very progressive, live everday with meaning point of view of life. Does a business suit and authority make you cool? Just wondering, what actually makes you cool?

  8. No like they attempt to be uncool and it could be construed as trying to be cool. I mean it's too weird or maybe they just like to wear that stuff? Lol

  9. I was meaning cool in the popular culture sense. Cool being up to date on trends. I wouldn't call someone who follows trends cool though, I'd call someone who has an individual identity and strong personality cool. You can interchange cool with trendy in my original post.
  10. They're called hipsters because they all have hip replacements.
  11. lol i fucking hate stereotypes but, i see a hipster as someone who overly tries to be cool i guess
  12. #12 DreamPCs, Aug 2, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Although cool is a subjective term I think to be "cool" one must possess the "swag" gnene. I think that you must be somewhat envied by people because "there's just something about you that people really can't define. I dunno I'm stoned too but it makes sense to me.

    I meant gene. I don't know why my phone didn't fix that. Sorry.
  13. stoned thoughts are the key to the future... and it does make sense
  14. You just know one when you see one



  15. Someone who listened to the artist before they went mainstream and "sold out". You'll run across them in alot of Youtube comments. I guess this would classify as more of a Music Hipster but still a characteristic of a hipster nonetheless.
  16. Where I'm from hipsters are people who stay away from the mainstream, usually wearing toms or sperrys, rides a fixed gear bicycle and spends their days hanging out at coffee shops. Honestly there's some chill ones but most of them you just want to stab in the throat for constantly criticizing you saying everything your wearing is too "mainstream".
  17. I think you can be a hipster without being the stereotypical vision a lot of you have. Like I've said, I think of it more as a mindset more than how you dress.
  18. I have yet to ascertain how they get into those teeny tiny pants. Do they stretch?:confused: I would ask one in the store, but am afraid of being mistaken for an elderly homosexual.
  19. i wont even get into how i feel about hipsters, but a hipster bar is a fucking great place to get wild and get in a good bar brawl, cause there is literally no chance youll get your ass kicked

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