Hippy towns in cali?

Discussion in 'General' started by DrugTestsSuck, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Currently 18, living in NJ, totally broke, all i have is a great passion for ganja. does anyone know if any hippy towns exist in cali, where i could just crash wherever and smoke herb all day? or does this only exist in the mountains of india?
  2. try San Francisco in 1967, lol. lets about the only place youll find what you described. sorry to be a buzzkill but, its 2009 and that kinda of behavior is long gone sadly.
  3. from what ive heard up in the mountains in India are still like that, however im not prepared to move to india. i guess your right though, unfortunate cause i'd be in cali, asap.
  4. skid row?

    lot's of everything, i suppose.

  5. northern california

    Eureka, Senora... places like that are pretty much free of the law.

    if you can stand the constant smoke from the burning meth labs.
  6. never heard of skid row? could you expand on that please?
  7. well it was a joke...


    but yeah it's a place where you would be better off not knowing what it is. just an ugly part of LA.
  8. haha gotcha man, bet theres a lot of nice people willing to take in a little white boy there.

  9. yea because they are stuck in one of the poorest and more populated places on earth. There are tons of opium dens you could hang out in. but besides that what stated above is your best bet. if anything get a ticket to cali and find a job at a dispensary and good luck.

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