Hippy flip??

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  1. Ok the second and third time i tried e and shrooms togethor it felt really wierd and i know for sure these are bomb rolls and bomb shrooms, there was no euphoria actually i was sad and just couldnt move i was thinking about stuff like there is no point in life, no god and no reason that we are here and i just kept going in acircle in my mind.

    i still have an eighth left of these shrooms and 6 rolls blue whales how can i make this trip like my first one which was the complete opposite and left me happy the next day???
  2. Its all about the mindset my man. You can't go into the trip assuming its automatically gonna go the way you think it will. I bet you if you wait a week for tolerances to lower, and mentally prepare yourself to have a fun and awesome time then you will.
  3. i dont know but i dropped a pill at like 1:00 am andthen like 20 min later i took the 8th
    it mite be because i was tired but i couldnt sleep the whole nite i just lyed in my bed and was just thinking while seeing crazy stuff like usual and became sad.. today all i did was sleep and didnt feel like talking to anybody normally this doesnt happen:confused:
  4. i thought hippie flipping was shrooms and acid, least ware i livee
    we call wat you did flower flipping

    but make to make it fun hang out with sum bombin people bust oout some bombin tunes and have some bombin herbal
  5. Smoke some bud, man. Duh. :rolleyes:

  6. honestly try going to a concert, if its a band u like, ull have a blast, even if it isnt it will sound dope as hell anyways..

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