hippy flip?

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  1. My roomies bday is coming up and i wanna have some fun. I have 6g's of shrooms but how many rolls should i get? i've ate a ton of shrooms but only rolled twice, where she has only ate shrooms once and has rolled alot. Also when do I take the one and then the other?
  2. I think you take the x after your shrooms peak. That's what i heard anyway.
  3. anyone got any advice on this, i searched it already but i'm not sure on how many rolls we'll need and when to do each
  4. take the x when you start comin up on the shrooms
  5. probably just one roll. Maybe two. depends on how strong they are.

    And take the roll after the come up starts, but before the peak.
  6. Thankyou thankyou, much appreciated
  7. Yeah don't wait till you're peaking on the shrooms to drop the rolls lol. Do it before.
  8. I'd say if you're taking 3-3.5 grams than you should go with two pills.

    You can dose when you start peaking but I like to do it a little bit before, so that the ecstasy starts to kick in while you reach the peak.

    So I would say to probably consume your pills 45 minutes to an hour after you eat your mushrooms. And make sure to smoke lots and lots of pot.
  9. This right here. SHROOMS FIRST. Comming down on thizz while shrooming SUCKS.

    Ill be Candy flipping (acid and thizz) tonight,

    enjoy yaself. Stay hydrated, but nolt overly hydrated.

    I'm taking 6 thizz pills and 4 tabs of acid over the night
  10. I'm pretty sure Hippyflipping is Acid x Shrooms.

    Your referring to Flower Flippin'. Shrooms x X haha that looks funny.

  11. No, hippy flipping is mushrooms and ecstasy

    Candy flipping is acid and ecstasy
  12. And jedi-flipping is all three :D
  13. a little late posting but I did it saturday night and it wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be, I still had a blast but some some odd reason I felt like doing one or the other would have been better. It was weird
  14. are you sure you dosed the x at the right time?
  15. 45 mins after the booms
  16. should i have done something different?

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