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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by IndyRoller, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Ive done shrooms and ecstasy alone and now im thinking about doing a hippy flip. How is a hippy flip different than doing one alone?
  2. what is a hippy flip? my bad for sounding like a noob
  3. ^its taking the combo of shrooms+E
  4. A lot of fun, but you having to get the dose timing down...
  5. so if that's a hippie flip, what is combining lsd and dxm called? i've never been so fucked up in my life, i swear.
  6. I thought hippy flipping was shrooms+lsd and candy flipping was ex+lsd. I know it doesnt really have anything to do with dxm.
  7. happy/hippy/blue (local term though) tripping is taking an hallucinogen (shrooms or lsd here) under the influence of an euphoric (E)...so you got your answer...

    and for the OP, if you like roll and shroom, go for it, just be sure of your timing and its gonna be a fun day!
  8. Yea id try to time the peaks within each other,

    and remember youre gonna be feeling the shrooms for more time than the E
    so if you have bad comedowns on E. . take into account the shroom state of mind you will be in
  9. Peaking on shrooms and coming down on E isn't fun.
  10. eat your mushies then about 15 minutes later drop some molly and you'll have an amazing night. :) maybe save some molly for later.
  11. soo whats it like ?

    (i think i know what im doing tomorow night:D:hello:)

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