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Discussion in 'General' started by The Decline, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. I'll keep it short and sweet,
    I've recently been introduced to X, best nights of my life.
    I've done shrooms twice, i got depressed.. i knew too much and hated what i saw.

    My friends and I have shot around ideas of what itll be like
    "You'll want to adventure... and you actually will"
    "You'll see the world in completely different ways.. but it will be in optimistic light."

    What do you think?
    Who here has done it?
  2. I haven't tried combining it before but I've done both... I think you'd be fine if you just took one x but make sure you have a good source for the E... meth bomb + shrooms would have to be fucked up. That and try to time it so you're not coming down from the e while you're still tripping (redose if you have to, but make sure you only have what you're planning on dosing with at that time).
  3. I will never touch x.

    Too risky.

    Shrooms are fun, though..
  4. The X would be the best we can find.
    But yeah, timing would be another big issue.

    Something I've found (atleast with myself) is that weed will kickstart the roll.
    We've went 2 hours after taking and the second we hit the pipe its all up from there.
  5. best combo IMO.

    did it for the first time after rolling many times before and i was just blown away. eat like one or two good beans, and then like half an eigth of mushrooms. youll have a crazy time, and itll be totally awesome. dont expect to be able to go out in public or anything like that

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