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Hippy Chicken

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by punkerthanthou, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. This is some dank I went through a while ago and you won't find this stuff anywhere but here in Oregon. The strain is Hippy Chicken... It's a cut of blueberry x alaskan thunderfuck that was saved and cloned 9 years ago because it was incredibly mold resistant and did really well outdoors here. This stuff was indoor in organic soil though. This stuff was very sativa dominant, pretty psychedelic and had me laughing about anything. Had a good bit of indica kick, left my body feeling tingly all over but not locked to the couch. I've really never had anything quite like it, definitely top notch.

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  2. Sounds awesome. The name though..? ...Nice bud!
  3. looks like some fire! i would love to try some of that!:smoke:
  4. I love that oregon bud... how much it run you? Shit is fireee :smoke:
  5. i know where im going on "vacation" now...haha looks like some dank, how much did that nug weight? looks big in the pic.
  6. I just smoked some this past weekend, and it was off the hook. I wish I lived in Oregon, cuz this shit is great!!!

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