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  1. Im gonna try to keep this as short as possible. Anyway I'm taking this girl on a first date to this really chill hippy camp a little outside of town. Its basically what you'd expect, tents, weed, peace, love.. lol, theres also a really sweet beach there.

    She smokes, but will not be tonight due to her rents (she's 17). So what I'm wondering is, what should we do on the beach if she can't smoke? Should we even go to the beach? I would swim and shit, but i just recently broke my arm badly in two places boxing. My bone looks like this /\/ so thats ruled out. haha.

    I just don't wanna come on to strong and go for it without any build up. Btw this will be at night. :smoke: :confused:
  2. Sounds sick, I wouldn't worry too much about it there's always something to do with a girl on a beach ;)

    Just be yourself and have fun, bring a frizbee or football to toss around, bring a bag for your cast so you can at least get in the water, ouple beers maybe, sounds like a good time to me!

    Have fun man
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    Thanks man, it'd be at night so I'm not sure about the frisbee. Im just picturing decking her ass in the face lol. I think ill just keep it simple, go sit on a log near the river and see where it goes.
  4. put it in wen shes not looking

  5. he's gotta yell surprise though

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