Hippie Patchwork Tiered Spinners

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    In progress of working with different designs for a collection
    of hand made spinner skirts. There are so many versions of
    this type of skirt and along with it an assortment of price tags.
    I am looking to get an awe inspiring flarred skirt that women
    of all generations would love to wear.

    Here are some different styles of spinner skirts. . .

    Which one is your favorite? What color combinations would you
    wear? Around what range would you pay for something like this?
    I find most range 25 up to 100. Depending who and where you
    are ordering from.

    Other names for this type of skirt are the dancing skirt, the
    bustle skirt, patchwork skirt, and hippie skirt.

    Based on personal style and flare.




  2. I love the colors in the third one.

    Do you have an Etsy shop?

    ETA: I think anywhere between $50-100 is completely reasonable for one of those, depending on the fabrics and intricacy of the patchwork.

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