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  1. there must be ample beat lovers in the city, i was just wondrin who and what you listen to ? if there are any artists comin up in your city or just what style you like whatever.. right now n for always ive been luvin the people under the stairs,Big L, and of course like erik b n rakhim: my melody n dont sweat the tech.... and so on , post up what you guys think is hot right now or what your playin in you r ride or discman
  2. smoking songs

    any bone thug song check where i posted before on smoking songs

    other rap

    LOX is hot as hell right now and are gonna blow up huge..... if im feeling hardcore ill throw the new onyx record on... its real grimey and ghetto..... the new luda isnt that bad either.... 50 is gonna fade really fast..... Kayslay's mixtape he realeased a month ago can lick my left nut (cept for the roc a fella remix to we are the champions)..........eminem is garbage do not buy another one of his horrible propaganda ass cds..... and if u really wanna go with smokin songs for OG's put on some snoop or xzibit

    thats about it
  3. yeah man , im not to huge on the wankster wrap though , i was listening to some, lords of the underground-funky child, az-problems, put that trrack on the new ' oldies' mix tape, n i pikt up some miles davis live at the somethin or other the other day for some cut usage.
    I was wondrin if you spun too? Or if ne one else sees this , "Does ne one out there spin?"do you have tables? an so on
    obviously snoop is the shit , but im no O G just another white guy doin my thang. i was lovin that snoop allstars- tell it like is was?ithink its called . ne ways lets see what yous guys think eh

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