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HipHopHead's Awesome Journal To Good Weed! (First time, Total Noob)

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by HipHopHead421, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Well it's a lightmix soil and the dosage I used was less than half of the what they recommend minimum... But we will see. Hope I didn't do anything wrong
  2. Just keep an eye. Your plants will tell you when they need nutes.
  3. Imho take anyone opinion including mine with a grain of salt. Do what you feel you need to do and if works awesome if something goes wrong then you have everyone here to help out.
    Its a learning curve and there arw so many people who wil say do this dont do that as if its set in stone. But there arw so many different strains now a days that no one really knows what your plants need except the plant. Like dubs said. Pay attention to her and she'll let you know

    Your friendly neighborhood 187budz

    400w hid 5G DWC coco Berry Bomb first indoor grow
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  4. Hey boys, quick update.

    This should be around the third day of veg, I watered yesterday with plain ph'd water. I should have a better extractor next week. What do you think?

    Also, how long do you think it will start stinking in here? Do you think I can hold on until next month so I buy a better carbon filter? I think an extractor should be the priority, temps are still not the best and I don't have negative pressure.

    Thank you! IMG_20170927_083806780.jpg IMG_20170927_083811960.jpg

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  5. Your off to a great start! You shouldnt get much of a smell until the plant starts to preflower (roughly a month but i think genetics plays a role in that?). Even then it will still be an earthy smell rather than a perfume until the plants start actually flowering. This has been my experience, however, not all strains are alike?!
  6. Thank you my man! I have some Skunk, so according to the name, it should be pretty smelly. I have a OdorSok right now, but I will buy a Prima Klima Eco. Let's hope the Odorsok will last me for one more month without smells, as I need to buy a better extractor first.
  7. Thanks bro! I can see they are starting to grow new leaves like crazy! They should blow up in a few days
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  8. Quick update, and this is a major one:

    As you've seen from previous posts, I was having some issues with temps.I had temps around 85 for some time.

    Yesterday I got home and decided I was going to take out the OdorSok - Wow. The exhaust fan immediately had like 3x the strength, had negative pressure, i'm never puting the OdorSok back again.

    Problem is, the temps were still about the same... Weird.

    I had a fan blowing full-blast into the light, so what I tried was the following:

    I had an extra pot that I bought in case I needed it - turned it upside down, placed my fan on top of it, and put it blowing inbetween the plants and the light, on a left-right movement.

    This made my temps go down to 77. I was amazed. Apparently the fan is now evenly blowing the hot air coming from the light away from the plants, and with the negative pressure it's going straight into my exhaust fan, making my temps go down by loads.

    I turned the light a bit down so the plants can get more light. The temps are about 80 now.
  9. Some more photos. The girls grow up so fast! I see basically 2 new leaves everyday. What do you guys think? So excited!

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  10. Are they ready to start LST? I plan to Top (that's still a bit early?) and SCROG. What do you think? IMG_20171004_004316812.jpg IMG_20171004_004324117.jpg IMG_20171004_004328112.jpg
  11. Maybe I will wait a little bit more then... Tbh I'm nervous about it. I don't want to ruin what looks to be going so well!
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  12. Hello boys. I need some help.

    I have topped 3 of my plants, and started some LST today. Pictures below. Would love some feedback on it.

    Issue is with the 4th plant. It's going slower than the other 3, smaller leaves, and today when the lights went up I saw these marks on one of the leaves. What could it be, and how can I restore it?

    Also, the smell. Oh my god. I have never seen some really good weed where I live, so opening the tent even though it's so early yet is the best weed smell I've ever smelled in my life. Wow.

    Thank you. IMG_20171012_180859277.jpg IMG_20171012_180908189.jpg IMG_20171012_180913218.jpg IMG_20171012_180920077.jpg IMG_20171012_183054138.jpg IMG_20171012_183059636.jpg IMG-20171012-WA0003.jpg IMG-20171012-WA0005.jpg IMG-20171012-WA0007.jpg
  13. Looks good.

    If you think they smell good now, wait until week 8 of flower.
  14. Nothing to worry about the smaller plant?

    I can't wait. I think i'll fall in love with this hobbie by week 8 of flower then.
  15. Unless it's showing outward signs of bad health, nothing to worry about. Plants grow at different rates just like people, animals etc.

    If you think it needs to be corrected, move the plants around under the light. Change their positions. Might have a little less light in that one spot. Kinda unlikely though. It does happen. Usually in large grow spaces.
  16. Thanks for the reply man! There is one leave with a strange symptom, as you can see. What could it be? Or is it normal? IMG_20171012_183059636.jpg
  17. If it's only on the one leaf I wouldn't worry.

    Still check the back side of the leaves for bugs. Magnifying glass might be helpful.

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