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    This threads for the discussion of hiphip,not just a bunch of fucking youtube videos. Current events and new music in hiphop mainly...but oldschool shit still applies.

    So wale just signed to maybach music...wiz should have too...what do you think ?

    Curren$y also signed to Warner bros dropping an album on 420 strictly produced by the alchemist.

    Watch the throne in march (jayxKanye) and kanyes new album this summer.

    Oh yeah lasers...march 8.
  2. WTF is this?
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  3. I'm not feelin wale at all. Hes got a few decent songs, but the rest is kind of meh

    wiz needs to go back to rapping the way he did before kush and oj. now hes trying to be every white girls favorite rapper. But if he would rather have the cash then more power to him.

    Im excited for spitta's album. he has been very solid with pilot talk 1 and 2
  4. eyedea died. rip
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  6. hes decent at times and a cornball at others. He also has quite a temper. That aint G.
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  7. Kid Cudi beef....was that his temper ?
  8. wale is the best new rapper in the game but i dont really like him signing with ross, wale has more of a backpack kinda feel but hes doing alot of real mainstream shit like no hands. those songs are dope but him signing with ross scares me I dont want him to go completely mainstream.
  9. I dont think hell go completely mainstream even on rozays label. It'll be like more about nothing with like 3 or 4 no hands tracks. Teflon Don was pretty good so i don't think it can be that bad.

    Games new mixtape ?

  10. That shit on baltimore radio. I mean i can understand why he would be mad but you dont freak the fuck out like that.
  11. you call that a temper? ha
  12. meek mill signed to maybach music too.
  13. Fab is the most slept on!

  14. pretty much man. Thats not keeping your cool. I kind of lost respect for him after that.
  15. Legendary Myka9 of Freestyle Fellowship, Haiku D'Etat, and J the Sarge of Humboldt, CA puttin out their third release under Magic Heart Genies, albums called Pulmonary Artistry. They just put out Cardiac Arrest about 12 months back, and Heartifact was their first. They leaked a track or two on youtube.

    Deltron Event II - most up to date info straight from Del (from september 10).

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mw3AAR0mboE]YouTube - Sir dzl deltron 2nd Event Session.m4v[/ame]

    Since then he's said he's finishing up a few bits and waiting on a feature to hit him back with their part. So he's saying himself it better be out 2011.

    There are two Deltron II songs up I believe, on youtube.
  16. Myka9 i dope...i went to his party last year....all they do is freestyle allday n smoke weed.

    That new deltron project could be dope.....whos on the boards ?
  17. What do you guys think of the kid Mac Miller?

  18. i think whatever he drops next will be my final decision on whether or not i see him as a good rapper. he dropped a pretty dope single on halloween and i hope he carries that type of music over to an album/mixtape

  19. He has one song I really like called la la la la. I enjoy the beat and he shot the video of him on his porch smoking js which is what me and my friends did almost every day during the summer. So I really like that, but the rest of his stuff has been hit or miss for me.
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  20. Yeah, I mean, I wasn't a huge fan of The Jukebox. High Life had some great songs like "Live Free", "Another Night", and "Pen Game", but I feel like K.I.D.S, which features "La La La" was a classic. With maybe the exception of the title track. K.I.D.S had a very pop rap feel to it, but it's so much better than a lot of the shit we got playing on the radio nowadays. It can't touch classics of the 90's like Illmatic or any of that shit, but with the state hip hop's in right now, I think it's a great installment. But we'll see where Mac goes with it.

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