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  1. I started up a Hip Hop group with a friend of mine a few months ago and we've been picking at making a cd, but he got mildly depressed and I had to carry the weight and started with some heavy production and lyrics since the new year started. I'm not a producer/dj though, and this is my first real project I've ever attempted musicaly and I had to stick it out with fruity loops. So basically, cut to the chase, are there any producers/dj's that would wanna try to throw me a beat or two that you've made or otherwise offer to collab this whole project with me. I've got 11 beats made, but I made trance in the past so they all have this electro edge to them that I resent and need a little help getting over. So any help would be appreciated.
  2. Yo.

    I produce/mc.

    Who are some producers (mc's) that influence you? And beyond that what range of music are you into?

    Maybe we could work together.
  3. Influences include:

    Immortal Technique
    Aesop Rock
    The Anything People

    I like to rap about who I am, where I'm from, and what I stand for. I live in the suburbs of Minnesota, so I like to take a spin on thug rap and make satire and anti-stereotype stuff.

    I'm into pretty much anything, disregarding country. Favorite Genres are trance, dubstep, and first and foremost Hip Hop. Anything with a nice, fluid, catchy beat and deep range of instruments.

    And of course, I give credit where credit is due. Just send me some samples of your work and we can get a bit deeper into it :)

    I can send you my samples too.
  4. Reppin the mn, op what suburb?
    I wanna hear some rhymes :smoking:
  5. Monticello my man, but I'm not a huge fan of the place so I just rep mn in general.

    Something I just threw together in a few mins.

    I check 1, 2 grab the mic, turn it blue
    Grip so mighty I rip a soul into two
    Kid Crown on the stage payin my dues
    Didn't get up into this game just to lose
    Sit back smoke weed and drink up that booze
    Thug kids up in my face
    About to find a noose
    and get beat like them cocks on foot loose
    Shove a foot in your ass disregarding 5 on 2
    People in my area think I'm tryin to be thug
    But they shut their mouth before I slip em a drug
    I'm not one to bust a slug
    And don't think that you're lucky
    I'll still leave the stage making your face look ugly
    So pour me some bubbly
    And sit back, celebrate
    Tomorrow comes too quick to erase this date
    Take a seat, let a load off, and let me elaborate
    This town ain't shit and neither are you mate
  6. I like the flow man. Good luck on your endeavors
  7. Skill. :hello:
    Man do you know where isanti is? That's where Im from.
  8. Yaman. Around Cambridge yeh? I have an uncle who lives out there.
  9. Yeah! I'm always in Cambridge. Is there some danks out by you?
  10. Not often. Just picked up a half of silver haze and purps though.
  11. I'v seen some crazy exotics lately because everyone is harvesting their indoor. :D you should whenever you get the ep together upload it, I wanna hear some man.
  12. yaman, forsure. Nothing too exotic coming my way, and it doesn't come around a lot.

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