Hip Hop Honors 09 - Eminem

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  1. Last night I came in from smoking and sat down and this came on. It blew my fucking mind that it was actually happening...one of the dopest things I've seen and defiantly one of the better performances I've seen.

    The crowd flips when Em comes out...and DJ Jazzy Jeff is sick as always, so watch his part at the end. I've watched this like 10 times since last night lol

    Edotbeats: Hip Hop Honors 2009: The Roots/ Eminem/ DJ Jazzy Jeff Perform "Rock the Bells
  2. That shit was off the wall yo. Soooooo dope, jazzy jeff is ILL on the turn tables man.
  3. Damn, he straight ripped it. Also, I heard nothing about this until now, and I am shocked to see Eminem on here.
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  5. Ditto...
  6. fuckin video wont play for me:mad:
  7. yeah, I was so surprised. Hit so hard, I hope eminem sounds like that more in relapse 2
  8. lmao the performance was planned for over a month im surprised nobody heard about it. and the shit aired originally like last week lol. but yeah thats why eminem is the greatest. just hearin the reaction he gets gives me goosebumps.

    jazzy jeff, the roots, and eminem all in one performance? godddddd damnnn

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