Hindu Skunk stealth guitar amp grow!

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    Just to clarify in advance, all of the posts by me in this thread are fictional. All the pictures were found on the internet. I don't even smoke weed, I don't know whatchu talkin' bout!

    After browsing the pages of GC for a while I feel like I've learnt a lot from other people's grow journals so I figured I would journal my grow, so hopefully someone can learn from all the mistakes I will undoubtedly make (my first grow)!

    So my setup is in an empty marshall amp I've had lying around for a long time. I was going to use it for a project amp, but that got too complicated so I ended up using it as a grow box!

    I've got 3 23w 6500k daylight CFLs, and two 80mm computer fans for extraction, and a vent on near the bottom for intake. The fans don't seem to be pushing much air since I've got a filter over them to both lightproof and smell proof my box. The filter is just an air conditioning unit filter I got from Lowe's with activated carbon. I don't know if the filters are restricting the ventilation too much or not. It seems pretty warm in my box, but I think I'll hold out a couple days until I can get ahold of a thermometer so I really know what's going on.

    I'm planning on LSTing and maybe SCROGing this baby. The plant is a hindu skunk clone I got from a nearby club. So I'm past the germ stage and I'm vegging on 24/0 currently. Hopefully you guys can help me figure out the best time to switch to flowering!

    Anyways, enough talk, and time for pictures!

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  2. I've noticed the leaves are drooping down a little. Is this because of too much heat, or it being too close to the lights?
  3. I would actually put the plant on 18/6 for veg.. Plants like people need a resting period... Youll find the plant does the majority of its growing in the dark, just before the next light period..

    As for drooping leaves, what are the temps like? Put your hand under the CFL, if its hot on your hand, its too close for the plant... Is there decent ventillation? I know you have 2 fans, but is there a decent air flow?

    EDIT: Oh and wonderful design! I havent seen a micro amp grow before hehe :D Best of luck, im pulling up a big fat lazy boy chair... You should check my micro stealth grow ;) Its in my sig hehe :D
  4. Thanks man, I've been pretty stoked on it too! =p I've still got to fix a couple light leaks and if the temps stay too hot then work on getting more ventilation. I'll get it on 18/6 like you said, and keep the lights off during the hottest part of the day.

    It wasn't too hot on my hand. It's definitely very warm right under the CFLs but not uncomfortable on the skin. Could it be transplant shock? When I got the clone it was in a little hydro cube about 1" x 1" x 1". I just left it in there because it had rooted and put the cube in the soil. Is that okay?
  5. Oh and I'll definitely be following your grow!
  6. Uh oh I've got some major temp problems. It's staying at almost 100!!!! I've taken the filters off of my fans to hopefully increase airflow. It doesn't help that I'm in Socal in a building with no AC.

    Any advice on increasing airflow but at least keeping it lightproof? Smell is gonna be a whole 'nother issue. Help!
  7. I turned the lights off and took the filters off, and it's gone down to only a little over room temperature. The problem is my room temperature is over 80 and it's already 6:15. I'll try to time the lights off period for the hotter parts of the day. The lights off time might have to be longer than I want it. If I was on a flowering schedule like 12/12 then I don't think the heat would be as much of an issue. What's more important, having the right temperature or the right light schedule?
  8. Diffenately the right temperature.

    Mine is on 12/12 from sprout, meaning the plant will be small, flower right away and will only be about 2 months before harvest..

    If temps are over 90 the plant wont be all that happy.. Over 100 they probs wont survive..

    Mate id make sure ur cab has good ventillation, make sure the air inflow isnt sucking in hot air (so make sure its leading to somewhere with good airflow such as into the room or outside..

    If this still doesnt help, id go for a 12/12 schedule straight away, put lights on only at night and at day have them off, this means youll have to make sure its lightproofed well so the plants dark period isnt broken.. But should keep temps down..

    Even if you cant get temps much below 100, the plants have more chance of surviving in a hot area for only 12 hours a day rather then 18/24 hours a day..
  9. Alright you know I think that's what I'll do. I think you're right I just can't afford temps that high. Especially since I just checked the weather and it's going to be 98 tomorrow! :eek: Then a gradual decrease. By Sunday it should only be 80. Hopefully my little girl can make it.
  10. It's almost 11 and the night temp so far with the lights on is around 86. The room temp is about 72. It's going to be so hot in the day tomorrow though. Lights will be off.

    I'm going straight to flowering for the plant though. I've heard that for flowering 2700k CFLs are better. Is this true? Should I change all the bulbs for 2300k CFLs? I have some on hand so it's not a problem. That would help with the temp problems too.
  11. Yeah 2700k CFLS are ideal for flowering.. Honoustly not too sure about 2300k, but if its a warm white then im sure it should suffice, if not it will make do untill you can replace with 2700ks.

    Yeh 86F isnt too bad, a little suggestion ;) Get a 2 glasses of water and put it inside your grow box right on either side of your plant.. That way if it gets a little to warm, the water will evaporate a bit, and raise humidity rather then heat.. Not 100% sure how effective this is, but im doing it and have head of others aswell..
  12. Oh shoot yeah I meant to say 2700k! I've got some on hand so I'll switch them out straight away. When I went to bed it was 86, and 86 when I woke up. I don't think that's too bad for the lights on temp. I'll definitely try putting some glasses of water in there. For now, it's day time and lights are off. :) Now let's just hope forecast is wrong and it doesn't get to 98 today. :cool:
  13. Can anyone tell me if it's bad to interrupt my plant's dark time? With the somewhat extreme temps, and because it's my first grow, I'm always anxious to check on my little girl. Would I be okay do check on her in her dark period or should I just do my best to leave her alone?
  14. Update. I sort of changed my mind on the light schedule. I was just going to go to 12/12, but I decided I wanted to LST it and I've heard it's not ideal to do that when it's flowering. So I went ahead and did my first LST, and switched the lights back on. It's still pretty hot, but I figured since I LSTed it I should probably have the lights on so it know which direction to grow. The lights are still going to be off for the hottest part of the day, and I'm keeping a close eye on the temps so nothing fatal happens. ;) I still don't think I'm going to veg it for too long. I don't think longer than two weeks. I'm going to try to veg it on 18/6 but it probably won't be strict depending on the weather. Once it's spread out enough, I've got a screen I'm going to use. I've got a little under 10 weeks until this HAS to be harvested, hence I'm pushing it into flowering pretty soon.

    Do you think two weeks of veg, and then probably 6-8 weeks flowering would produce the best yield in the amount of time I have?

    Here's the LST job I did.

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  15. Five hours after I LST'd her I checked on my plant, and she'd already basically recovered and has grown to face the light. So fast, it's amazing.

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  16. Alright time for an update. I've been keeping Julie (She has a name now. She's called Manjula. I figured it was appropriate to her hindu heritage :p Julie for short!) on a relatively strict 18/6 light schedule. She's doing good. The temps have still been pretty high but she doesn't seem to mind at all. I fed her once with a pretty low dose of Miracle Grow Bloom Booster. Now I know everyone on here says MG is junk, but hey I'm broke, and I browsed the ingredients of a bunch of different ferts and this has pretty much everything the plant needs. It seemed to make a difference in the rate of growth too. Julez definitely upped her pace. There's been a lot of growth in size of existing leaves as well as a lot of new growth.

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  17. Looking good mate!

    Dont interupt the plants dark period... Check on them just as ur turning the lights on and then agian just as ur turning them off...

    How old are they from sprout? My baby is 6 days old...
  18. cool setup man, im doing the kinda the same in an old peavey 4x12 that i had lyin around,but i went hydro and scrog check it out its in my gallery i gotta a lil more room than u do tho. i got an old epi cab i might make into a veg box now that i seen yours thanx man.good luck

  19. Well I started with a clone rather than a seed, but today is day 8 from when I planted. She was basically just a tiny seedling when I got her. And yeah, I figured that, so I always left her alone during her dark period just to air on the side of caution. I think I'm going to switch to flowering in a few days, when the new growth in the middle develops a little more, because I want to LST it, and allow it a day or so to recover before I switch to flowering.

    Yeah man you'll definitely have more room in a 4x12 :p . I gotta say I was half tempted to use my 4x12, but the problem is I still use it! Hahah. I'll definitely check yours out. I'm thinking of scrogging too perhaps. I was just going to wait until she was a little bigger. I figured I could use the screen to spread the canopy out so everything gets lots of light during flowering.
  20. UPDATE

    Alright so it's been a while since I've posted an update, but let me tell you there's a big difference! I've adjusted a couple things with my box, and the room it's in and I've gotten much more stable temperatures (about 70 with lights off, low-mid 80's lights on). The weather here has cooled down so that helps too. Plus I got myself a timer. Saves me having to turn the lights on and off by myself. I put one thin layer of the carbon filter over the fans just to sort of light proof it (it's certainly not 100%) and maybe help with the smell that is already just becoming noticeable. Between that and the stash I picked up yesterday my room smelt quite fantastic for a while until I had to air it out. I've put a screen in my box, but I cut a hole in it and just have it basically underneath the plant. Really what this allows me to do is spread the lower canopy better and it gives my essentially infinite places I can use to tie branches down or LSTing. Anyways, here's the pictures!

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