Hindu Kush x Skunk #1 (pot-o-gold) 600watt Hps Grow setup! Take a look!!

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  1. Hello all:wave: New to this wonderful site, and was interested in posting my current progress. Im currently using a 3x3x7 Hydro hut silver edition, which imo is just enough room for what i am doing and what i plan to do on this mission..... I plan to Flower my two maturing females and flower the cuttings that i have rooted from these ladies as well. I have plenty of pics to show progress.. Any advice, tips, or insight of any kind is always appreciated.. This is my 3rd grow.. :D 3rd times a charm..
    Before switching to 12/12 from the 18/6 veg period.. i took cuttings from these beauties.. The 7 i have remaining 5 already rooted and in the flowering room and 2 hidden away veggin!! Potentially my next two mothers... one for breeding and one for cuttings!!

    Soil: 3 part::McClellan Mountain's Power Flower
    1 part::Miracle Grow perlite

    power flower has supported all growth to this present stage. I was told by a good source that this soil is sometimes too strong for some strains..well...
    I got Budz BabY!!!yeeyaayyuh!! They're comin.. so any way..
    Lights: started with a 600 watt metal halide and after 1 month veg i switched to my 600 watt hps.. aslo have 2x 48 inch flor. 4200k

    Ventilation: 4 inch hydro farm 125 cfm duct for intake coming from outside via 4 inch flex tube from the window. Also I have a 4 inch SunCourt inline duct booster fan for exaust.. Blowing the inside around are a small 6 inch ossc. fan and another 8 inch fan, none of which are trained directly onto the females..

    now for the pics...:hello:Subscribe subscribe...keep this thread alive ...ill follw up regularly..:smoke:

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  2. put up some new pics
  3. Il follow it up regularly yeh i bet lol

  4. hahaha, what he said ^^^^^^ :smoke:

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