Hindu Kush Pics

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Bestbuddz, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Right now she is 4 weeks into flower, topped and cloned off of, Vegged for 2-3 months, 10 gallon fininsh smart pot, Botanicare nutes, Fox farms custom soil mix, my personal Medical grow. comments????

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  2. It's looking gud:hello:
  3. Im hoping to get 3-6 OZ off of her. What do you guys think?
  4. What kinda light is it under, I guess I missed that in the 1st post.

  5. Sorry didnt tell ya, She is under a 6" Magnumm XXL with 1000 watt Next Gen ballast, she is also being CO2 supplemented.
  6. hey schegnetti, glad your not my P.O. you ball buster!!! HAHAHA
  7. LOL! I love that.
    I think you should be able to hit those numbers with that grow stuff.
    I've got my best yeilds with 2 month plus veg's, I flowered 3 of em
    under 456w 50/50 LED/CFL got 30g dried per plant, not impressive but
    it keeps me happy and it only raised my power bill $30.00 bucks a month.
    I'm about to do a CaseyJones thats been vegging for a couple of months, lost track I was only planning on only using it for a mother, its in soil, I'm thinking of transplanting to a 10 gal pot and flowering by herself, I'm gaining respect for big pots & longer veg's.

  8. Thats how all the big breeding companies do it, Fewer massive plants instead of tons of little ones. I am MMJ licensed in Colorado and can only have 3 plants in flower and 3 in veg so I like to get mine as big as possible otherwise I end up buying my own meds and that sucks!! I might even end up moving to 15 gallon finish pots. thats a lot more of expensive ass soil though another 2.5 cubic feet.

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