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Hindu kush or bubble gum?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deek12, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. I have the choice tonight... Which would u go for?
  2. i would personally go for the hindu kush cause i like a indica. is the bubble gum indica or sativa?
  3. Idk much are you able to get? if you can get a lot, get a little of both
  4. Hk fo sho
  5. Bubblegum lovely taste great buzz.
  6. I haven't had both, but bubblegum was all kinds of awesome, one of my favourite strains to date...
  7. Thanks guys ... i had a little of both and went with the bubblegum cause it was cheaper, but the hindu was better to me. For now it is my favorite. The bubblegum has a low and rolling high...
  8. Tough choice. I would have to flip a coin. Well unless it was a wake & bake id go with the more sativa bubblegum.
  9. Yeah bublegum is wicked nice... it is a component of many trendy strains today.

    Hindu Kush is also very nice, definitely the more indica of the two.
  10. Momocalm what are some other trendy ones now? I'm still a newb... i've been hearing about bubblegum, purple, ak47, and a couple different kushes. That's in the DC area, i'm sure trends are different per region.


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