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  1. Hi Guys, First ever grow (for medical reasons) so I went with Hindu Kush automatic, I'm 10 weeks into the grow from germination, 5 weeks into flower, I fed tomato food at half strength for the veg part and of the shelf bloom nutes since first pistels appeared, Ive kinda winged it a bit just using a fluorescent strip light and some cfls, When do you think it will be ready for the chop? and when should I start flushing? Plenty of trichomes/pistels and the buds starting to fill out a bit now I think, do I look on track for 5 weeks into flower??? Can't wait to try it so I'm getting impatient!

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  2. oh and sorry for the "how long" question! say the experienced growers are sick of it being asked!!!!
  3. Are you sure you have an auto? If an auto was 10 weeks old from sprouting it would be about done. That being said - your plants look healthy and even though the buds look a little small for 5 weeks of flower, that is probably due to the lack of quality lighting and nutes. You have many weeks before harvest and flushing is a personal thing - I never flush.
  4. That's what it said on the packet of seeds so I'm assuming they are autos!? but yeah probably lack of decent lighting is why they are taking so long. was definitely 5 weeks before any pistels started to grow. Thanks for the reply.
  5. What light schedule have they been on?
  6. 24/0 I thought it might help with the lack of power with the lights I'm using?
  7. If that's the case than the only reason your plant is behind is because of lack of quality light. Good luck and welcome.
  8. Thanks very much Mick! One last question,Why do you not flush? I thought it was meant to give a cleaner tastier smoke?!
  9. Flushing is a very controversial subject - both sides are very passionate about it. After years of reading threads with people bickering about it I decided to do my own experiment. I had two plants of the same strain, age, and size - I fed one plant to harvest with nutes and pH'd water for the last 10 days for the other. After drying and curing there was virtually no difference in appearance, taste, smell, or smoothness - I even took photos of two joints with an ash from both plants for those people that claim the black ash, grey ash, white ash thing, and they were exactly the same. I don't know any other horticulture industry that flushes before harvest and to withhold food from a plant at the most important time of the plants life for adding weight is just dumb in my opinion. The bad taste is because of chlorophyll and flushing does not remove it - drying and curing does. The key to a good smooth smoke is a proper dry and cure. Didn't mean to be so long winded. Again- good luck.
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  10. Great explanation! thanks for your time dude!
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