Hindu Kush and Shiva Skunk - Updated Weekly - Nice Indoor Setup

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    For this grow I am using...

    ***Shiva Skunk = Skunk #1 and Northern Lights #5 - An almost 50/50 hybrid slightly Indica dominant Mix, said to have an amazingly high calyx to leaf ratio with a giggly high yet couch locked come down. I'm looking forward to this strain the most!

    ***Hindu Kush = The classic purely indica strain from the Kush mountain range. I don't expect to get out of my chair for a while after I harvest these two LOL

    Soil: 50/50 - light warrior/ocean forest

    Lights: Almost 300watts worth of CFL's placed around the plants and a hanging 400 watt HPS

    Nutrients: Big bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz, Cha Ching.

    Filtered Water

    The Setup

    Shiva Skunk #1

    Hindu Kush #1

    VVVVVVVVVVV 1-9-09 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Shiva Skunk #2

    Hindu Kush #2


    Week 1- 20/4 lights, no nutes
    Started LST ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1-16-09^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Week 2- 20/4 lights, no nutes
    No wonder I got the two Shiva Skunks for free... one died and the other is a runt.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1-23-09 VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV
    Sometimes big things come in small packages tho.

    VVVVVVVVVVVVVV 1-23-09 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Week 3- 24/0 lights, half strength Big Bloom and Grow Big nutes.

    I just took 2 clones from the Shiva Skunk (back left pot) and one from Hindu Kush 1 (HK1 is in the front right pot closest to the door) to transplant into the empty container. The one in the cup is a cloning method I thought I'd try since I have enough of the HK anyway.

    (WEEK 3 PICS ON 1-30-09) :)

    Sorry about shitty Pics :eek: rest of them will be taken with a better camera :D

    Questions? Comments? Feedback? Advice? All are appreciated
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    I have 200$ to add stuff to the grow room setup. What's it gonne be fellow blades?

    I'm open for anything, new lights, setting up a veg room, hydro setup, whatever you guys think would be the best bang for my buck.
  3. 200 bones you say..I would add a hps cooltube, i have one and LOVE it!! My plants set about 7-10 inches from the tube and they love it and it gives of very little heat.

    If you want to try hydro, it is real easy to build and real inexspensive. I just made a whole hydro system and a hydro cloner..plus its a lot of fun trying different mediums.
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    I don't have an exhaust system setup right now other than an oscillating intake fan and a small exhaust fan, does the cool tube keep the light cooler without attaching ducting to the open end?

    Would it be better to keep one growing room and add lights to it or split the room into a growing and flowering chambers and divvy the lights up that way?

    Does anyone here have a particular home made Hydro method they built and love? I'm looking into either a standard reservoir method or possibly a drip setup but I heard drips have a horrible clogging problem when you use organic nutes.

    Advice/input is aprreciated thanks guys!

    Smoke on :smoke:

    edit* when I say 200$ I mean around 200, I could buy something more expensive, or not even spend that much and be just as happy as long as I can see a good return for however I much I put in.
  5. No one has any ideas on what to do with the 200$ or has any comments or questions about my grow. Ouch. that hurts.
  6. [​IMG]
    Sooooo many colas. I love LST


    The runt (shiva skunk) and the other Hindu Kush
  7. keep it up man
  8. Looks real good.....How far into flower are you?
  9. dead thread from lack of input.

    here's the new babies


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