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Himalayan Gold

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kushman2020, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. ok so story time. im chillin with a couple people on friday night and i get a text from some number ive never heard of. i ask him who it is, and its a kid that i would rather not associate myself with. the kid's a punk and thinks he's hot shit, but really he is just a nuisance.

    so i ask him what he wants, and he tells me his friend has some himalayan gold, and is probably the only one in the state that has it, and he can get me some (ive never heard of this strain, and i live in New York, so if it does exist, i guarantee someone else has it). i dont really plan on buying any, but i asked him anyway how much. he tells me .7 of a gram for 20. i just laughed out loud when i read it. as many of the people of the City agree with me on this, the most id ever pay for a gram is 20, no more. i tell him no thanks, and he's like alright your loss. i laugh yet again, knowing i can get a 1/4 of some good shit for 70 bucks.

    just thought id share that with you guys :smoke:

  2. Id personally never buy that small, but .7 of dank for 20 bucks is a pretty common price. Ive had adirondack gold before.
  3. Is himalayan gold not hash?
  4. ive heard himalayan is really good. ive seen it a couple times through a mail service that sends it to ur house, got shut down though. it looks REALLY dank though. but if the kid doesnt have a connection hes probly just bullshitting you. worth a check out though. but .7 for 20 bucks? the fuck? does the kid know nothing? he could of just told u to buy a gram at 20 bucks.. that kid sounds like a dumbass.
  5. haha and a dumbass he is. id never buy it at that price, because its just not worth it for me in the long run. but i dont trust the kid, so im not gonna risk my time and money for it

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