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  1. Hello peoples. This is officially my first attempt at growing cannabis. I am growing not to sell, but for my personal amusement as well as getting my hands dirty for future endeavors. I recommend to anybody doing an indoor grow to be careful and and cautious especially in those states that have not come to their senses. My setup is pretty simple. I have a 3x3x8 mylar grow tent with a T5 flourescent light setup. I have a 2x2 flood tray sitting on a simple PVC pipe stand I made for about 4 bucks. Below the food tray is a 15 gallon resovoir. My soiless mix is 50% peat moss, 25% vermiculite, and 25% perlite in 3 gallon smart pots. I started feeding them Buddha Grow organic nutes at 33% strength. I am growing three Himalayan Golds. I hope my journal will help others in their endeavors and thanks for any future input. GRASSCITY is the shiznit!! Here are some pics of the sprouts after 5 days. I'll post some pics of what the entire setup looks like in a second post.

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  2. This is my setup as well as the nutes I am using.

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  3. i like your set-up, very simple and ingenious. one thing, i like to start them in smaller containers, and work my way up. it takes a lot of nutes to get all the medium wet. also, at this point, you shouldn't be feeding. for the first 2 weeks, the cotyledons supply the plant with all of it's nutritional needs. you may end up burning the plant/plants.
  4. Growbot thanks for your advice. I was told the same thing about not nuting for the first couple of Weeks but the organic nutes that I have have specific measurements for seedlings and thats why I did it. Does it matter if the nutes are organic? also I totally understand about the smaller pot size but I have my micro tubing feeding directly underneath the rockwool cubes the sprouts started in if that makes a difference.

  5. i'm not schooled on organics, but i'd say nutes are nutes. nutrient companies love for you to use up your supply so you can go buy more, so take what they say with a grain of salt. i never start feeding until day 11 or so, or when they have 3 alternating internodes, whichever comes first.
  6. I like, sub'd.

    The Foxfarms schedule says to feed seedling too, I've always ignored it.
  7. Hello peeps. It is day 18 going on day 19 for my seedlings. I had a little trouble with the pH of my soilless medium, but got it corrected by using lime and mixing it thouroughly in my medium. One of the babies was showing serious lack of nurishment and was showing it. After i corrected medium pH level added root stimulant and began watering. All my plants showed improved vigor especially the one experiencing nutrient defiency with good leaf and node growth. Decided to go non-organic with the nutes and ordered some GH. Here are some pics of the ladies. The stems are red due to lack of N,P, and K. The peat moss was so acidic it was lockng out the nutrients.

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  8. No more posts? Its been two weeks come on brotha we need an update
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    Hello my fellow growers and stoners. It is the start of week 7 for my babies from seed. The tallest lady is about 21 inches tall with the smallest being about 17 inches tall. They havent shown any pre-flowers yet and I'm a little worried. They are growing exponentially right now and with them not showing pre-flowers I dont want to start flowering yet. I've heard that if you start flowering before they show pre-flowers the buds wont turn out as good. Any help on this problem would be very much appreciated. Here are some pics of the ladies. Enjoy!! :) If any want to check out the other pics here is the thread http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-marijuana-growing/1039194-help-himalayan-gold-indoor-plz.html

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