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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Smokie McBlunts, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. Okay, i picked my grow spot. Its about... one football feild from my house, back in the woods behind my house. Not to many people that i know of go back there... its on a hillside... so what i planned on doin is cuttin a little area of flattness (just digging a flat area on the side of this semi steep hill) so all the water runs down to them n stays there. I cut down 2 tree's last year and maybe another one this year for light. I just have a few questions....

    if i piss around the plants to keep animals away... how often should i do it?

    Should i cut down more tree's so it gets sunlight all day (since the sun will shine from differnt spots.. ui know this)

    and are there any other suggestions? Im gonna be germinating soon.. actually i started my journal yesterday.
  2. you can piss arond them a couple times a week tide detergent works good to if your gonna piss around them hit the base of the plant a little bit the nitrogen is good for it just dont tell your freinds
  3. no nitris on my weed! lol
  4. no nitris here either lol but i have shit beside them before out in the woods to keep the fuckin deer away loll
  5. I wouldnt do either..
    links you to the plants in a way, they'd know you were down there

    which is also why I put tape on hte bottom of my other shoes I wear just for this, then there are no footprints that the po can track you down with
  6. Stylez
    U thought of everything,
    u gotta b 1 step ahead ,

  7. good tip !!

    you could also wear a pair of shoes/boots that arent your size.... ie: one size bigger - eliminates you as a suspect.
  8. LMAO.....or go down bollock naked with no shoes on at all.....in case they find hair fibers and stuff....lol......i'm just damn glad i don't grow outdoors.....good ideas, but seems like a lot of hastle.......Peace out......Sid
  9. piss on a rag and hang it by the plant. If the plant gets a good 6 hours a day of direct sunlight and the rest of the day with indirect sunlight it will grow. I don't recommend chopping down anymore trees in the wilderness. Chopper pilots look for small cleared out spots in the woods.

    ALso, pine trees and planted pine thickets emit a similiar infrared wavelength as weed. Its always good to plant close to them so if the choppers are high tech, you get an extra camoflage advantage.
  10. BPP...why u pissin on rags? dont they have toilets where u come from :)
  11. dont worry about your footprints, thats not how cops catch you, and footprints in the woods arnt evidence.

    When cops find plants, they dont cut them down. They watch the plants from a distance and the person they see tending to the plants gets arrested. Camo and be incognito, and....contrary to popuplar belief, its better to grow on your own land because that way cops cant go snooping around without a search warrant.
  12. if you have a dog, brush their fur. take the fur and spread it in the area of your plants. it should keep the deer away.
  13. ill probably end up pissin near the plants about every time i go out to visit them just for good measure...... lots of deer in my area, bastards. i dont wanna smoke pee-bud though lol
  14. do what you want, just don't piss on your plants!

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