Hillary in a Sweater Vest?

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  1. Hillary in a Sweater Vest? | David Boaz | Cato Institute: Commentary


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  3. Very interesting connection between the two.
  4. I wish I could knock that tool out..
  5. Someone needs to get a ziploc bag full of elmers glue, or some other liquidy white substance that isn't harmful, and just pour it all over him.

    That or literally get a bag of shit and throw it at him, make sure its steamy hot and there's a "pre-rip" in the bag so when it hits impact it will tear - results will follow

  6. Sure did and you can too, just visit that link.

  7. LOL make one that says:

    Tries to flex

    Has long sleeve shirt on to cover the fat flaps

  8. And the meme begins....
  9. that was terrific.
  10. Is she trying to pull of a Jimmy Carter?

    Instead of wearing a cardigan wearing a sweater vest?

    But she's a democrat... I'm so confused.
  11. :laughing:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCyU5I43_Hc]Rick Santorum 2006 Wrestling Ad - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Sorry Ron Paul but I am now a Santorum supporter. That ad above ^ has sold me lol

    Just kidding, I'm not a religious retard

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