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Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Switch, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. Ah- I love ignorance for a laugh...

    Freevibe Bullshit (the cream of the crop)

    Chelsie (1/23/2004 1:46:44 AM)
    My friend tried marijhanua the other day. I am very upset at her, she should know she dosn't need that stuff to have friends. She wuz actin really stupid. It wasen't the first time she tried it. She fell on the ground and kept giggiling and stuff and she thought i was a monster. She slapped me and called me names and made me feel bad. Well now her mom found out and shes grounded for 6 months. She going to end up in a military school. My mom says i can't ever talk to her again because shes the devil. If you smoke weed that means you love the devil because its bad. its not worth it. You need to love jesus and america.


    jack (1/22/2004 5:54:58 PM)
    i smoked weed for 8 years... im 17 turning 18 and new year i decided to quit... i went through crazy withdrawls... i got realy sick from not eating liek its said... if you dont smoke i dont sugest starting im allways paranoid i cant think straigh im rather stupid now... i suck at spelling... it runied most of my life....
    If you can't spell that's your own dumbass fault- I can't spell for shit but I don't blame it on smoking the odd joint!


    Imanerd247 (1/21/2004 11:27:30 PM)
    My best friend seemed really innocent but one day when i was at her house her and her sister took at some weed and i was all what are you doing!? i didnt think my friend was that kinda of person! I soon found out that she smoked a lot of things and drank ne thing she could get in her hands... watch out because you never know what bad things people will do even if you think you know them well enough.. my friend convinced my other friend 2 smoke too...bad idea..we are no longer friends ne more..i tried 2 get her 2 stop but she wouldnt..so i told her mom. She was then sent to rehab, now kids do the rite thing when u kno someone is abusing drugs tell on them!!!!


    NO-drugs-for-me (1/21/2004 4:56:42 PM)
    God created love Satan created marijuana Wich side are you on
    Switch's personal favorite: hmmmm well I'd have to say that this small minded view devoid of anything but your own opinion HAS CERTAINLY CHANGED MY MIND. I'm against the one who created stupid children who can't use basic punctuation and spelling.


    old lady charles (1/20/2004 11:18:01 PM)
    Dear friends of freevibe!! It's so nice to be here again... But I am a little sad 'cause yesterday I saw my little brother smoking a joint with my father at home. That made me feel like a virgin in Canada, you know what I mean, isn't it? They were so cruel..., they told me to taste it and I couldn't say no... And now I feel a little crazy and I need desperately to eat and sleep. I'm afraid... Hear voices, and see bright lights. I hope this is not for so long... Do not let this happen to you. Cheers. Old Lady Charles.


    Beth (1/20/2004 7:11:59 PM)
    I think drugs are so stupid. The only reason why anyone does them is because they want to be cool or they do it because their "depressed". Well alot of ppl get depressed and not everyone smokes some pot to make them feel better. I think ppl who do drugs are weak. Most of them do it because A) all their friends do it and if they don't, then they will be a outkast. Thats such BS. I know tons of ppl that don't do drugs and I know alot who do... I've told alot of ppl that i have never done drugs and I never will, and u know what? Every single last one of them respect me for it. I think the only ppl who can not say no are freaken ****. Then another reason why ppl take up smokin weed is because B) they are "Depressed". God suck it up. How pathedic is it when someones reason why they smoke is because they are depressed? How *** is that? Like they are so weak and low that they can't survive on their own? They need drugs to keep em going? Thats so dumb. And then there is C) they get high because it's fun.... oh yea lots of fun when ur lying in a casket colder than ice because u decided to get high and died from it. FUN STUFF!!! Smoking is retarded and anyone who does it is too.

    Thanks Beth for your psychoanalysis. Obviously she has never suffered crippling clinical depression (neither have I but I don't claim to understand it better than people who have). Yeah I think it's dumb when people can't do without drugs to keep em alive- let's stop making antibiotics, beta blockers etc- if you can't do without it you're a looser and deserve to die. NICE ONE BETH!!!

    So hillarious...

  2. hahaha, that was actually the funniest thing you posted. I'm a psych major and this girls an obvious twat.

  3. aaaaaaaaaahahahahaha

  4. This type of view really shits me Because God created satan so there for God had a hand in creating weed.

    But people dont hate these kid they are just kids and they have chosen not to smoke that is there choice and one day they just may smoke. But yeah its a bit silly maby we should all get on this site and object to there childish views.
  5. highgirly thats the coolest thing ive heard in a while, nice argument u got urself there haha

    "im wondering first of all how god would feel about people taking credit away from him ,for his creations...and second of alll y would the prince of darkness beam hisself to earth o run round planting an herb...that makes so many happy..?."

    (i dont know how to quote here sorry haha)
  6. i dont know about you guys but it actually scares me that people believe that strongly about the "evils of marijuana". I have respect for those that choose not to smoke and even those that are concerned with other people's usage. But some of the things posted on freevibe i think are so absolutley terrible that it's irresponsible of the creators of the site to allow it to be posted. I dont find it funny, i find it disturbing that there are people in this world that dumb and misinformed.
  7. I do think it is rather funny. I sure as hell hope I dont start seeing lights and hear voices!!! AND! Who is to say there actually IS a God? (I'm not knocking religion...but people who use God as an excuse or reason for ANYTHING need to realize that not everyone shares their view.) Because, if God created Life, The Universe and everything...who created God? What proof is there that The Bible is in anyway true? (Yes, faith...blah blah blah) (Sorry for the religious rant, but...:p)
  8. we should all sign up on freevibe and post our own experiences. the mods would probably delete them all and ban us but what the hell

  9. hehehe we said twat lol funny stuff

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