Hilarious Volleyball Signs

Discussion in 'General' started by Kroovy, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Hey Blades,

    A friend and me are going to a college volleyball game tomorrow and we wanted to make some funny signs to sport. I've made some signs in the past for high school and these are some of the ideas I had:

    "YOU GOT SERVED" for just general pwnage
    'WARM UP THE BUSES" if we're going to win no matter what
    "MILLAN IS GOD" high school volleyball coach lol
    "I WANT HER TESTED" followed by a huge syringe across the bottom
    "ACE" un-returned serve
    Ahh.. We actually had a shitload of stupid ones too. We had one that had the varsity volleyball coach with football gear on doing the Heisman with a volleyball and it said "MAYNER FOR HEISMAN"

    Anyways... For the longest time, I couldn't remember but a few of the ones I have listed. So I was searching all over the internet for funny sports signs with little luck.

    Now I'd like to see what GC can offer.:smoking:

  2. "My balls are bigger"
    "Mike Oxbig"
    "Mieva Gynastynx!"
  3. Lol we're not trying to have sexual harassment charges brought up on us?
  4. On your knees
  5. Ha I don't have one but the Warm Up The Buses sign is badass
  6. You could make a sign referring to the played out Kayne West fucking up taylor swifts VMA shit for some laugh's I suppose.
  7. "Bush hates Black People" Pure Kanye

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