Hilarious stoner joke.

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  1. Just asking. Am I allowed to poat a like to a joke?

    There's no way I'll be able to type the whole thing out as high as I might be right now.

    Artige bilder

    if I get in trouble, im sorry,.

    also my feet itch.
  2. hahahaha this is so funny :)
  3. lawl nice post
  4. Hahaha I've gotta check this out again when I'm baked, i found that fucking hilarious sober!

  5. How funny can a joke be the second time? hahah
  6. Yea being sober right now kinda ruined the joke:/ funny as fuck tho!
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    Because when you're high everything is funny :smoke:
  8. I'm not even baked and that shit was hilarious. Def gonna come back to this later today after work :-D
  9. I already posted this joke a looooong time ago bro... but it is a good one.
  10. P.S Australian. Represent!

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