Hilarious & Scary Experience With Edibles

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  1. So this is my experience with edibles and how i thought I would actually die (lol)

    I'm a long time smoker but at this particular time i was just coming off a two month t-break. So im at my buddy's spot and I'm down to my last blunt. Normally i'd just go and cop some more, but the city was experiencing a drought at the time and no one had any. So we went out to the store n to buy munchies, and he randomly goes, "yo get some cookie dough! I have some cannibutter at the crib, we can make edibles!" So I'm like fuck yeah and i get the cookie dough.

    We get back to the spot and i light my very last blunt while he made the cookies. I've never really had edibles that actually worked (either they weren't strong enough or weren't made properly), so when the cookies were ready, i was grabbing two at a time. Before i knew it, i ate 6 fucking cookies. My boy was like "yo you're dumb as shit, youre gonna be soooo fucked up." I was like mannn whatever, i dont even really feel anything yet.

    So i left about 30 mins later, and on the drive home it hits me like a fucking train. Now i drive high all the time. Blunt cruising is literally my favorite thing to do. But this was completely different. I had to focus all of my attention on the road to even make it home. I make it home and my neighbors are on the balcony smoking and they invite me up to smoke, but i was so high i didn't even realize they were talking lmao. I heard what they were saying, but somehow didn't comprehend that they were even talking lol so i looked like a complete douche as i walked by and completely blew them off.

    I make it inside my apartment and at this point, this is the highest I've ever been in my life. I manage to fall asleep around 11pm and i wake up at 3am tripping balls. I'm so fucking high that i began to suspect the edibles were laced. As i'm standing in front of the bathroom mirror, my face starts to fucking shape shift like some Mystique type shit. I was 100% convinced the edibles were laced with some other shit because as a long time smoker, weed had never made me that high before. I was hallucinating and tripping balls hardcore.

    I really thought I was going to overdose and die off whatever he laced the edibles with. So my high ass starts cleaning up my apartment so that its presentable when the paramedics found my dead body.

    Eventually i said fuck it, if i die, i die. And i passed out and woke up in the morning fully clothed, with my car keys in hand because i had the bright idea of driving myself to the hospital while i was high af. Thank God i passed out before my dumbass did that lmao i doubt i would've even made it.

    I woke up in the morning with hella text messages and calls because I was texting ppl my goodbyes since i thought i would die lol. Fucking embarrassing.

    So yep. That's my experience with edibles. They weren't laced, i had just consumed an insane amount of thc. It was fucking terrifying at the time, but in hindsight, i would 100% do it again lol.

    Do y'all have any experiences with edibles? Share your stories
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  2. LMAO. An all to familiar story. I stopped toking several years ago and switched to an all edible medication for my persistent pain. While I usually target my needs well even I misjudge at times and wind up slammed off my ass. I know it'll wear off eventually as I've done it enough times it doesn't freak me out any longer but it's still a really heavy trip.

    Hash, Coconut oil, Lecithin capsules @ 80mg each. 1 or 2 a day as needed is enough to keep me in comfort but if the pain gets nasty I'll go as high as 4 caps but it leaves me ripped to the gills for a solid 8 hours.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    ^^^ how to make them.. :)
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  3. That's dope and all of that looks amazing. When you medicate, do you get high? I know you're doing it for the pain, but do you actually get high off it as well?
  4. Since high THC is what stops the pain ohh ya I get sledgehammered really easy. I try and stay just buzzed and functional as the wife gets all up in my face when I get really blazed but shit happens and thankfully she is usually tolerant and knows when I hurt I'll dial it up till the pain fades even if it leaves me stupid as can be.
    It's a win win for me as I always was a heavy stoner so nothing has really changed just I take capsules now and rarely smoke.
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  5. When I ODed I thought I was really going to be the first person to die from pot but I decided I'd rather die than call an ambulance. I had the visual distortion hallucinations like you did, time practically stopped and I was manual breathing. Of course I swore I'd never do that again so the next day I ate half as much and did it again but it wasn't quite so bad, at least I didn't think I was going to die that time.

    I take oil caps now almost exclusively and I'm so careful with my dosage I haven't ODed in years. It helps to make quantity, it's the new batches that fuck you.
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