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    Just couple hours ago. I did something hilarious! I was driving a M3 jumping off from the court and I landed on the stairs! I got off the car and I tried go down the stairs. I fell to my own death. that had me cracking me up! I don't have special program that takes screenshots on 360 or don't know how to. (If you do then you should link or show me how)

    SO if you got any funny moments when you were playing then post em here!


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  2. Is that GTA4? I need to play that game and beat it... I am about half way through 50% or so...

    Lately I've been buying and playing Wii Virtual Console games like Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Castlevania 3, Street Figher 2... and I have to say that sometimes I feel the older games are still the best.

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