Hilarious Moment!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Vandal3211, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Alright, well, it was hilarious for us cos we were completely ripped on a strain that's practially like laughing gas, but here it is:

    Group of 5 of the boys, we all smoked up and got pretty damn blazed. We were literally right round the corner from the cinemas, so i suggested we go watch "The Other Guys", and it went down well. lol

    We walk over, get our tickets, popcorn n beverages and head for our theatre, having been told "You guys made it just on time. The ad's just started."

    The way the theatre is set out, you walk in the door and your at the very front of the cinema, towards the screen and to the side... so EVERYONE will notice you if you make a fuss or any noise.

    Anyways, the stars must have been aligned just right, cos we walked to the theatre being as quiet as possible to avoid any attention and the second we step foot into the theatre, a government advert about marijuana came on.

    Seriously, we were in the theatre no more than 2 seconds and all we were greeted with: "Constant marijuana use can..."
    I didnt hear the rest because we all cracked up real hard. We actually had to go back out for a few minutes to regain our composure.

    We lost a large coke and a regular popcorn during all this (we were laughing that hard and falling all over ourselves). They WILL NOT be forgotten.

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