Hilarious fight over a stolen bong

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  1. :hello: Say goodnight lol
  2. dude around 1:40, was he helping him take off his shirt? lol
  3. ....... wow that was pathetic....
  4. haha wow. I could amost think that was a planned video, but then again the fighting was so lame it could have been real :)
  5. they seem like cool kids
  6. "ur ugly as fuck!"
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    gotta love suburban white kids acting ghetto "you done nigqa"
  8. " Im not running! I lost my balance *****.." "I cant breathe DAWG"
  9. I like how he sat on him and started calling him a pussy
  10. lol seriously they get tired and start dropping 'N' bombs
  11. Tattoos: $800

    Watching him fight like a pansy: Priceless.
  12. I LOST MY BALANCE NIGGIE! Thanks dude, I have been looking for this video for a while now.
  13. stoners suck at fighting especially with stoner friends hahaha
  14. These people are NOT stoners lol
  15. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2eTzdoBQBo&feature=related]YouTube - Nick Diaz Highlight[/ame]

    yep stoners suck at fighting
  16. that shit was interesting.

    the neighborhood looks beautiful.
    they are both equallly pussy but they both did what they had to do
    even with fake excuses like "im tired" or the other shit they say.

    alot of people wouldnt even get that far to fight and then have rounds..that kid wanted his shit back.

    maybe the kid who stole the bong really didnt steal it.. who knows?
  17. That kid looked like a skeever, he definitely stole the bong

  18. well i look like a robber and a murderer. but have i done it?:eek:

    nah but seriously the kid fighting the guy who stole the bong said he had pics.
    if only we saw the pictures too lmfao.
    i can imagine the 'skeever's whole face in it taking a milk shot with his thumbs up.:D

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