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Hilarious Bud Reviews

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dieseldan, May 29, 2009.

  1. #1 dieseldan, May 29, 2009
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    Have you all seen this?



    Our boys at Grateful Meds have done it again.
    Grape Ape is a sativa, and guess what ladies and gentlemen? It's on top of the food chain. Know why? Grape Ape cures Attention Deficit Disorder!

    I know; I'm a part of the A.D.D. family and I'd rather smoke weed than pop pills and pay the pharmaceutical companies! Won't you agree?

    The taste is totally amazing; get the bubbler out no blunts or papers needed. Know why? You could taste the grape of the bud mane.
    I started my day with this bud for a week and if you could afford it you should too. I strongly recommend this bud for those people like Brooke Shields; she wouldn't need to take all them prescription pills. Tom Cruise might appreciate her a little bit more; don't you think?

    read the rest....

    Cops Increase Prescence Near Kush Mart in Hollywood | Jacky Jasper's Diary of a Hollywood Street King
  2. no one feelin this?
  3. this should go in general i believe.
  4. i like the poster haha. it should go in general section.

  5. yea i was looking around and since this is jackys stash and what he thinks of it I thought maybe it would fit here too!

    my bad
  6. HA that is great.
  7. fresh!
    has anyone tried this strain?

  8. yea grape ape is a pretty bomb sativa bud. originated from northern california.
  9. i thought it was hybrid
  10. send me some asap
  11. haha, is that a stem as the leg?
  12. is it a hybrid?

    it massively helps with my attention issues haha
    i can sit and work something without loosing focus indefinitely
  13. if im tired enough all bud makes me concentrate indefinately

    i just smoked a j and then played with an ant on the ground for like 35 minutes

  14. haha thats hilarious dude, im a chronic smoker myself ( a productive one usually) but yesterday I was walking around the house and cursing 'cuz I couldnt find my phone until I realized that I was talking on it....

    i still feel bad about it ha

  15. it is a hybrid but its a sativa dominant hybrid. (not sure on percentages but its like a 80% sativa 20% indica roughly)

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