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  1. My dad and I decided to dip out of Thanksgiving festivities this year to go hiking. We're both fairly experienced, he's hiked the entire state of Georgia and I've logged at least 100 miles. Anyway, I haven't been out hiking in ages, and I had such an amazing time. We hiked up from the montebello fish hatchery (near waynesboro, Virginia) to the seeley-woolworth shelter the first night. Then we backtracked a little and hiked up to spy rock. All I can say is that that view was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced. From spy rock we hiked on to the Priest shelter and the last mile or so was one hell of a climb, but it was lots of fun. Then today we came down from the mountain through a trail that goes to Crabtree Falls. If any of you are within 4 hours of Crabtree falls or Spy rock, it's definitely something worth seeing. All in all, I just had one of the best weekends of my life, and I got to spend it with my dad.
  2. Lol did he kiss you goodnight too?
  3. That sounds brilliant man. I might be doing a similar thing with my dad this year, except it'll be in a canoe going down some of the state's larger rivers... will get to see some of the most tucked away nature the country has to offer. And he's cool with smoking so I'll probably do it blazed :smoke:
  4. [quote name='"potchocolate"']Lol did he kiss you goodnight too?[/quote]

    What's the point of this man? I'm just sharing a good experience of mine with my fellow blades, even if you're joking, I don't really appreciate it.

    Anyway, Autechra (sorry if I got your name wrong, I'm on my phone.) it's lots of fun. I've done a couple of really great canoe trips in western NC, wish I could've done them blazed to be honest, would have been really spiritual, haha.

  5. lmfao
  6. LOL someone had some dad issues :p

    But OP, thats great! ive always wanted to do the AT but never had the balls.. I Go hunting with my pops quite often the last few years.. gotta enjoy it while you can.. dont worry bout the little dudes under the bridge.. They're just jealous dad didnt wanna throw the baseball around :laughing:
  7. its better than saying cool story bro!! besides, this belongs in Real Life Stories anyways. :)

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