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  1. My husband and I are starting to train to build endurance so we can hike a week's worth of the Appilachian Trail next year.
    Anyone ever hike over-night and have some good tips to share?
  2. Pack light, but don't under pack.

    Make sure you bring warm clothes or a nice sleeping bag for night.

    Bug spray!(depending on where you go of course)

    Triple check to make sure you have everything before you get started.

    Bring some herb if you can..extremely enjoyable after a long day of hiking.

    Be sure not to bring too many valuables with you just in case..i.e. unnecessary electronics, jewelry, etc.

    I could list tons of basic things as well, but you can google it if you want better results.

    Hope this helped a little!
  3. Make sure to have a survival kit.

    I suggest 2-4 ( I have 5 in mine) mylar blankets other wise known as space blakets.

    A steel match for fire and throw a bic in there.

    Basic medical supplies.

    Water purifiers

    And I usually have a woodsmans knife. Pretty much a knife you can cut small amounts of wood, self defense and skin an animal if necessary.

    Going on a long trip can be dangerous. DO NOT REALY ON TECHNOLOGY! Make sure to know how to use a compass, start a fire etc.

    Safety first.
  4. can't offer you much advice, but if you're coming through PA i'd gladly bring you a good meal and some bud. :) there a ton of access points to the appilachian trail near me.
  5. [quote name='"8ight"']can't offer you much advice, but if you're coming through PA i'd gladly bring you a good meal and some bud. :) there a ton of access points to the appilachian trail near me.[/quote]

    I will definately keep that in mind! Thanks!
  6. Thanks everyone for the great tips!
  7. Ive done lots of back packing and other than the basics all i can say is bring twice as much weed as you think your gonna smoke. Unless its the winter dont bring a tent, youl feel more conected to nature. there is absolutly no reason to use a tent unless you and your husband want the privacy. If your gonna be out there for a week i highly sugest spending a day on mushrooms. mushrooms and nature go togeather like cool-aid mix and water. Have fun.
  8. one more thing i forgot. this might sound a little rediculas but i do my day hikes or my "training" bare foot ive never gone over five miles but im slowley working my way up. once you walk a long ways bare foot anything feels posible with shoes.
  9. MRE's are a great way to pack light and after a long day of hiking they dont taste half bad.

    Also if you intend on doing a lot of hiking each day sometimes its easier just to bring a small white gas single burner stove as it will allow you to boil water and cook a lot faster then a fire
  10. some solid advice here, just make sure you have multiple ways to make fire, reliable gear. Good to make sure you're in shape.

    My favorite trails are in western Montana and Idaho, also Ontario on the northern shore of lake Superior
  11. collect some lint from your Dryer.
    it works wonders when you need to start a fire.

    Id take a few pairs of socks & underwear.
    One change in pants & shirt.

    First Aid Supplies.

    Sleeping bag & pad.

    Hopefully you have a nice frame pack.
    because a regular backpack is gonna kill your back.

    ENJOY! By the way, what part of the AT are you hiking?
  12. Ive done three overnight hikes including west coast trail in vancuver island, BC. Pack light!! Pack/repack your bag atleast three times:) bring lots of granola bars for when you get up early and start hiking to save time., set up your tent a whole bunch, and get a sleeping bag compactor case to save room in your pack!

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