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  1. I do a lot of just walking around to good scenic spots, and just sorta got into hiking from that. I am pretty well equipped now with a good pack and knowledge of the outdoors.

    I was looking for new spots to go. I live in nebraska and get to colorado every once and a while but was looking for spots other places to do some hiking and camping.

    Let me know if anybody has any great areas to roam the earth
  2. Backpacking in Washington State is the greatest thing I've ever done. Check out the olympic coast, if you feel you are up to it, hike Aasgard pass into the Enchantments, and if you are really adventurous, circumnavigate Mount Saint Helens on Loowit Trail 216.
  3. sounds great...thanks for the good ideas
  4. Anyone heard of NOLS? i went on a 30 day backpacking trip in the Wind River Wilderness in wyoming. Best experience of my life.
  5. thats pretty much what i did in washington. it was the camp i had gone to in the adirondacks since i was a kid, and they offerend a 5 week trip for like 7 of us. it was cool we all knew eachother already and it was also the best experiecne in my life. no smooking for 5 weeks felt good but being near naturewas so cool.
  6. yea i had a life changing experience. it was great to be away from civilization huh? it felt like you coexisted with nature, unlike back at home...
  7. yea for sure. nothing mattered, like i had nothing on my mind that i was worrying about. i just was, cool feeling haha
  8. Yes. I live for that feeling.
  9. I love hiking and camping. I haven't been in a while but I just got mobile again with a new scooter. I hope to get a hike or two in before winter. I'm up here in maine.
  10. I know its very seasonal, but there are a lot of phenomenal hiking trails in Death Valley,CA.

    Or Monument Valley, AZ. Great place to search for peyote.

    Look up Antelope Canyon, AZ.

    How about the Rubicon trail in Desolation Wilderness, in CA., its one of the coolest.

    Don't even get me started on the Grand Canyon. Hiker's Heaven!

    Devil's Postpile, CA. Leads into the John Muir Wilderness, you can go there and never wish to leave.

    Yosemite? Sequoia? King's Canyon?

    Escalante Breaks in Utah, Or Zion?

    Arches, Canyonlands, or Dinosaur National parks?

    Excuse me I just realized its been too long, I'm taking a hike!:smoking:

    When I go the High Sierra, I'm always high. And getting higher!

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  11. come out to VA up on skyline drive
  12. That's a very good advice, visiting this place is a heavenly experience, you forget everything that has been troubling you.

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