Higromite Available Again

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  1. Good day growers...

    As you may or may not have know, Higromite, an excellant hydroponic growing medium, has been unavailable for the last year. The only way I have been able to get it is from Grow Shops that had some sitting in the back room. I haved been in email contact with the company and yesterday I received the following email:

    Hi ******,

    Thanks for your email and patience. It's been a long haul but we are still here and about to release the Higromite product again. We'll be re-marketing it's availability to make all shop owners aware and prevent people from being mis-led. Happy growing!

    Best Regards,

    Michael Wagner
    Golden Earth Distributors

    From their web site:

    "Higromite provides several advantages over expanded clay pebbles, coco, and rock wool. It's high in silica and has the best moisture retention & release on the market today. Completely reusable, the varied shapes of the rocks promote porosity, allowing more oxygen to reach the roots"

    I mix higromite with hydroton (about 50-50) to make an excellant hydroponic medium without the problems that I (and others) have had with Ph drift. Our plants really like the additional silica.

    Check out their web site, www.higromite.com , for more information

    Good Growing to all! - Badda Bing.. Badda Bloom!

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