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Hightimes Top10 Strains '10

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Greenbudz, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. #1 Greenbudz, Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 12, 2010
    From Issue December 2010, no particular order.

    Strain, Breeder

    Haze Automatic - Dinafem

    Blue Dream - Clone Only

    Sour Kush,aka Headband - DNA Genetics

    Jack Herer - Sensi Seeds

    Wreckage - T.H.Seeds

    Chernobyl - TGA Subcool

    Chem's Sister - Chemdog

    Vanilla Kush - Barney's Farm

    Super Lemon Haze - GreenHouse Seed Co.

    Texada Timewarp - BC Bud Depot

    * Keep an eye out on Attitude seeds they usually carry Top 10 Strains once HT throws that issue on stands.
  2. I didn't think Jack Herer was that good
  3. Headband and Jack Herrer are quite popular here in So-Cal, dispensaries are flooded with both all the time.

    I know for a fact that I've had both of them FROM those breeders too, but the rest I've not sampled. DNA has fantastic strains though.

    That said, I wouldn't trust High Times as far as I could throw an issue away. Other than bud porn, and lets face it, if you're buying that mag for Bud Porn something's wrong with you, there isn't much other reason to buy High Times. Just had one too many bad experiences with them. Plus their articles are pretty much crap
  4. Blue Dream is by far my favorite. Me and my friends who are HEAVY SMOKERS can get high off 3 bowls. iTS ABOUT 5 people
  5. the jack herer ive gotten wasn't anything special, just some cheap asian bud
  6. I could get high off one bowl...

  7. Yea its some good shiit
  8. then that obviously wasn't really jack
  9. does anyone have experience with that haze auto from dinafem? im in the market for some new autos and that was one i was contemplating..
  10. seriously lol..cause the jack ive gotten wreaked like sharpies and was straight trichrome covered dank

  11. you probably got the chinese imitation... nowadays there imitating everything!!!!:smoke:
  12. what about the planetary og's? best variation of different og's in california hands down

  13. Will be through a friend seed is popping as we type will let you know results in 80 days.
  14. I really enjoyed the super lemon haze that came through here. That stuff hit the top five list in my book.
  15. Strains are bs, 2 people could have identical seeds and completely different results, I don't believe in ranking strains
  16. I'm sure they got pAid for the ranking but blue dreAm to me was too trippy. Super lemon was awesome though.
  17. you guys suck. Now I wish I had Blue Dream again.

  18. What do you mean by trippy ? You mean paranoia?
  19. i think he means too many cerebral effects

  20. Ok.... So ur saying a shitty mid strain is the same as a super dank strain?
    Think before u type.

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