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Hightimes list of legit bank's to date

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by custom280Z, May 17, 2010.

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  1. Im really glad because I see more and more growers on GC who have opened eyes.
    It's good cause further conversations can be better and better ... not just bullshiting about cups, hyped cuttings from unknown source etc etc

    True L.I.M, I hope too they want and will care about genetics not name of it.
  2. I can see this thread is going in its own direction... so in going with the flow: I always ask myself "why" and when it comes to genetics and crosses and that crok of shit they call the cup the answer to "why?' is usually advertising, Big Bud is a great example, marketing has led the sheep to believe that big bud crosses are BIG, and thats just not at all true yet I couldnt count all these BB crosses, it been done to death. if anyone ever wonders, dont cross anything with bigbud its a big nightmare!!
  3. Any old strain, mostly, have name by some of presented characteristic.
    At that time big bid was big , big from afghan genetic side but even in that time big bud was lower in yielding if you compare him with haze.

    Im not sure would noob jorge cervantes agree with this :rolleyes:
  4. i wonder what's growing in his fake ass dread's?:confused::laughing:
  5. there is only "one cup" any grower should be worried about..and if you need a prize to prove you have the best .. try your local Medical cup.. I bet the rewards are cooler....

    and CustomZ..those dreads are his filing system .. anytime he goes and visits a grower, he takes notes & hides em up there, and then pulls em out whenever HT says "hey we need an article"... :D
  6. lol!
    i alway's thought he stored those up his ass:confused::p
    the cervantes suitcase
  7. NIRVANA SEEDS! Quick, stealth, and always get a freebie.
    Oh, and doesn't kill your wallet. :hello:
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